Saturday, 21 August 2010

Big Brother 11: I got so nervous I pissed myself

Friday morning. I bet Corin didn't really think she was leaving that night. Even I can't believe it the car crash that occured. It feels like the heart has been ripped out of the show.
It doesn't seem worth calling John a hypocrite for the magazine talk. It doesn't seem worth getting excited about Sam's hijinks.
That flat-capped cunt JJ is saying what John James said to Rachael word for word. Oh the morality! Dipshit. He was right people will call him a wanker, though. So, so depressing that JJ is still in there. Even Steve deserves it more than that.
JJ was definitely being more frosty to John James and Josie in this show. Too late to extricate yourself from that now.
Aw to Crab Eyes crying in the shower. He is a shell of a man!
It feels we were really cheated out of seeing who would fare best out of Sam, Corin and John James in the final. it just ended up as nil/nil. I feel like we've been totally fucked as viewers. Mind you, we have always been treated with contempt. I think Big Brother could have been the biggest show in the world if they'd poured money into it, invested in the split screen, not tinkered with the nominations etc. I really believe that. It could probably have run all year long and had it's own channel. People like the live feed and they like the comfort of knowing it's there, and where those people are daily. It's just a simple thing.
John James: 'I'll be remembered as an argumentative, opinionated prick.' Well, he's not wrong.
It's not fair for John James to tell Josie he might not still be in the country when she gets out. I'm sure it would mean a lot to her if he would be there.
Here we go again; stick a knife through my heart for a second time! Steve was happy to go. Andrew looked shell shocked!
So weird to see Corin go, and I still don't know why. I just thought she was a dead cert to be in until the end.
Why is Josie telling the whole house she pissed herself? Is this our winner?!
Oh, Sam. John James: 'see you in a minute.' I wish Sam had the pass for the final, at least it would make the next three days better.
Dave: 'I am a goner.' If only. I saw a post on Digital Spy that said 'there is no god'.
Sam going 'John James I love you' was classic.
That was hard to see that again. Feel sorry for Josie. JJ; 'I'll look after her for you.' What a saint.
Just leave her alone ffs JJ. She probably wants to be alone.
I can actually feel rage soaring through me watching this. Is there one person who thought this was a good idea?
Mario 'I thought you said you were going to leave?' Josie: 'you wish'. TRUE!
Please don't show me Dave in the diary room right now. I don't think I can take it.
Dave sticking it to JJ. Good. Looking at him so happy makes me sick.
Aw to the Andrew/Josie love-in. I think Josie is a good person to have around. She's very warm. I just don't like the fact she's such an obvious winner. LOL to 'Mario's been trying to smooth you over'.
John james loves Josie has been carved in the bench for weeks! Don't tell me that's the first time she's seen it. Aw, feel sorry for Josie. Must be hard losing John. As much of a tool as he was, he was important to her.
I don't think Josie wants to be in there another two weeks, do you? I think she'd rather go eat some crab. And given the choice between John James and sharing a room with Nasty Nick and Chantelle, I might choose the same.

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