Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Big Brother 11: Decrease the decibels

Oh, Josie. Sam can't affect yours and John's relationship unless you let him.
NOMS. Hope Rachel goes this week. Andrew nominated Mario! Heh. Corin's crappy reason for nominating Jo! Rubbish. Just say she's an overbearing twonk.
Dave nominating Steve! Competition. He doesn't want to buy that computer knee, does he? Mario! Nooooo! Mario is being a dick lately. And the choice is getting smaller.
JJ doesn't like Rachel's voice. I don't like his FACE (I'd say personality but he hasn't got one).
I don't care who goes because I don't LIKE ANYONE! It's rubbish having no emotional investment. It's dull as a viewer.
Jo nominating John James. Yeah because you're providing so much more entertainment than him.
Everyone is out for Mario this week. That's going to put him in a good mood! Poor moley.
Ooh, Mario's after Josie's neck again. Abandoning dinner! Bitch. Letting people starve in the Big Brother house so she can have a frink! Mario is just jealous she's getting some action, methinks. Ditto the John James nomination.
Why would you bother nominating John James? It's obvious he's not going to go. He's the new JASON DONOVAN!
Steve's after John James and Josie, too. I guess you would be annoyed with them if you lived there and they just stayed in bed all day though. There's not much interaction to be had.
Bad Eastenders Character doesn't understand that it's all about high drama, not about her talking about DJing in Ibiza. She bores me to tears.
Josie stop justifying yourself because YOU are the one who needs to know where you stand, and you're terrified. You want to know as much as Sam does. Her and John ganging up on Sam just seemed tragic.
Sam is such a passion killer! Microphone gate. Josie and John James must be separated for the sake of our sanity. Stop nibbling each other's ears, goddammit.
Tree! Yes, Dave does make us yawn. RIP Ben.
John James's impression of the tree was good. JJ quoting the Bible was the funniest thing he's said in two weeks.
Is Josie still going on at Sam about the John James thing? BORING!
I like seeing people yawn on TV. You never see it in TV shows.
Jo is such a nosy so-and-so. She just wants to know what's going on! Keep your fucking beak out, dullard. She's right though; John James is holding the cards.
Sam's 'banter' is at least entertaining. It's better than JJ's.
Dave didn't seem too bothered that he didn't get his message. I'm surprised the satanic fucker can't understand backwards-speak. I thought he'd done OK at that task!
Aw John James admits to loving Josie Lee Collins. He just won't call her his girlfriend. I still like it when they cuddle, though. I like seeing affection in BB, we've been so starved of it over the years.
Aw John James and Josie sleeping on the floor. I am a sucker. They are both deeply flawed. Still, I cling.

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