Sunday, 8 August 2010

Big Brother 11: Watermelon, anyone?

John James talking about public perception, even though he's NOT PLAYING THE GAME. Honest.
Has Mario got a wig on? I thought he was wearing a wig for a task, but it's occurred to me, that's actually his hair.
Josie's insecurity is actually getting out of control. It's not a good idea to keep pointing out your flaws, it draws attention to them. Her arse isn't even that big, it's just out of proportion with her top half.
Jo doesn't like not getting any attention in there! They've put her in as 'the cougar' and she's got no young totty interested. I think she is badly jealous of John James's popularity and standing in the house. Just walk then! You are offering NOTHING whatsoever.
Marbles! Zzzzzzzz. You might be enjoying playing them, Dave, but we don't enjoy watching it, you turnip. I wish they'd take you out and not give you back. I swear he's been wearing that T-shirt for the past week.
I thought Sam was meant to be a decent artist?! Not impressed. Anyone not drawing John James as a crab is missing a trick.
Has Andrew got red hair? I wouldn't have said he does. Sam is funny. I like him more and more, but admittedly, the pickings are anorexic.
Mario grumbling about his drawing getting dirt on his picture. Not just as good as Rex defiling someone's artwork in previous years.
I liked it when Steve went 'boo' at Sam and he pinwheeled to the floor.
Dave is SUCH a bitch. I'm sure it's not what what Jesus would have wanted.
Dave going on about being a married man- blah blah. You're just a dullard and John James doesn't want to get put on the spot about Josie.
Corin has got her comeuppance with JJ, to be honest. She sold her girlfriend out for nothing, for less than nothing. Liked Josie saying 'who does he think he is?'
Apparently on the live feed Steve said he liked strangling women during sex. Why did that not make the highlights?! SEXY TIMES.
What was the mystical 'thing' JJ saw in Corin's personality that put him off? At least she's GOT a personality. Him moaning about 'other sides' to people's personality is a joke, at least they have two sides or more and not just a Topman voucher and a cravat where his heart should be.

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