Monday, 23 August 2010

Big Brother 11: You're all arseholes

Saw John James on BBLB earlier and he told Geroge Lamb he loved himself! LOLs. Anyhoo, enough of crab eyes.
Hard to believe it's final eve! I heard Ashleeeeeeen aint going in all stars. Booage. They're gonna fuck up this UBB too, aren't they?
Josie is easily pleased! If Anthea (sorry, Andrea) Turner turned up in my bedroom I'd be horrified.
Why are Andrew and Mario still sharing a bed, there's loads of beds now!
waxing, waxing and more waxing... didn't we do this yesterday? That beauty therapist seems quite sadistic.
Andrew looks orange. He wants to see Carol Vorderman, bless. This second section seems like live feed, not highlights.
JJ muttered something about evolution but couldn't quite finish the sentence. I didn't realise Dave believed in Adam and Eve and all that bollocks. Disturbing.
'I'm Andrew, pleased to meet you.' Aw he's so cute. Lee Stafford gets on my wick.
He can't even be arsed to colour it, he's got his minion to to do it.
I like Andrew's side parting!
Josie, don't get botox under your eyes. Mario's quiff looks ace.
JJ is a blank canvas: ie. a boring bastard. EVEN HIS HAIR LOOKED EXACTLY THE SAME.
Aw to Andrew 'do you think John James would mind' when Josie complimented him.
Lee Stafford's standard hairdo is just to make everyone look like a hedgehog.
Andrew has fucked an apple pie too! And a trifle! How many different food stuffs has the boy fucked?!
Josie is breaking the 'don't have your skin colour darker than your hair colour' rule! Aw, she looks like a beach babe.
Happy happy house! Oh. Don't throw that water around like a nutjob.
Wow, Simon Webb from Blue! I'd rather
So much for no contact with the outside world, there've been more people in that Big Brother house this year than in
Why HAS Simon Webb come as Lionel Ritchie and why has he brought he takeaway coffee in with him?
Josie: 'I played the guitar when I was younger.' Guitarist: what made you give it up? 'I was shit.'
Aw to Josie saying it was the best day of her life, how cute! I've said 'aw' about a million times tonight. That's what they want, though.
That glow Josie's got? It's fake tan.

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