Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Big Brother 11: Pest control

Josie's roots! They are the most entertaining thing in the show. My boyfriend has gone off Big Brother big time and is being a big rain-cloud over the whole thing. I can't disagree though; it's just repetitive bullshit right now.
John James to JJ: 'do you understand where I'm coming from?' Of course he does, he's your little limpet.
No one is getting involved in this row! No one!
Dave is drunk on God. What a knob. Why doesn't Sam tear a strip off him?
I hate the way Rachel always wonders why people nominated her, does she have no self-awareness?
EW did Dave just say 'I'm going to curl one out?' VOMIT. WELL DONE AT KEEPING HIM IN, CRETINS.
Mario and John James: 'even Rachel might win this task!' Gallant.
Task! Sam: 'keep up that relentless pace.' At least he's got a one-liner or two in him.
Oh, Mario! Your chivalry becomes you. Yay- Dave's up! Don't let me down this week, dweebs.
What is John James's problem? Someone get the fly swat. What stirrer this dude is.
Dave finds Mario's way of choosing 'unusual'. This from the man pretending to be drunk on an imaginary being! To quote Steve, poppycock.
I kinda like Andrew and I still don't know why! I think he appeals to my inner (and outer) geek.
My boyfriend has now gone to bed. Big Brother is not helping my relationship! Be more entertaining!
URGH JJ shaves his armpits! I thought he couldn't get any less sexy; now he's half girl.
John James's morals about the game change dependant on the day and subject. He is a total hypocrite, totally inconsistent. In a nutshell, Mario didn't dare put Josie up in front of him. Littlejohn should be grateful.
Whoever put JJ in there should be sacked. Or shot. Take your pick. I'd rather watch two dogs fuck down an alley than Corin trying to get off with him.
Is Corin giving him a handjob? Groo. When will this all be over?

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