Saturday, 14 August 2010

Big Brother 11: You're missing highlight show action right here

I'm a bit mash up, and it's 2am so god knows how this will turn out. I don't know who got evicted! Let it be Dave. Let it not be Sam.
Hate crab eyes? Keep Sam in. Give them all a shock.
Who are all these blonde people in the eviction crowd? It's like Nazi Germany.
Look at JJ's sparkly scarf! Ooh, isn't he dishy? NO HE'S A NUMPTY. I've seen potatoes with more personality. He should have got himself for something beginning with B: BELL END.
I was glad Corin got herself in ISpy, I doubt if I would have been so literal.
That task was silly but cute.
Why is Sam all flushed? Uh oh, John James is in trubs. Josie has got BEEF. Sam: 'you're missing this over here, highlight show action?' LOL then pointing out the fire exits!
Sam needling Josie when she's fuming anyway! Loves it.
OOH CRAB EYES IS ANGRY! Back off laydeez. There could be a misogyny moment coming on. She definitely DID give him an angry face.
Josie looks cool with those glasses on. Sam Pepper: marriage guidance counsellor.
Wack off? John James has forgotten how to say 'rack off'. He needs to brush up on his Home & Away.
Crab eyes are blazing!!! THIS RELATIONSHIP IS A PRIVATE MATTER. John James is going to whack Sam one. Sam's back on form tonight.
Josie don't make John James scuttle away sideways. He REALLY LOVES YOU. He's not just a manipulative cunt.
My boyfriend just called John James 'a nasty piece of itemary.'
They are not showing Dave or Jo at ALL! This makes me worried.
John James: 'Sam's not very smart.' Incorrect.
Why has John James got his cap on in the shower! Why are they all having a shower together? WTF. Something's not right.
Sam: 'fuck fight night this is Armageddon'. You'd better back that up. Since when was crab eyes the only person Sam could trust? He needs to rethink his relationships.
JOHN YOU'RE IN THE WRONG! STOP SHOUTING! Ooh, this is good. Come on Sam, squeeze those tears out. This is great for you.
Fucking boyfriend just made me pause this FOUR MINUTES before the end whilst he prattled off to the toilet and to make a drink. Is he having a laugh?
I want to use John James. For crab sticks. Josie looked scared when she was being nice to Sam and the door opened, like John James was going to come in and smack her one.
Dave's wearing his greet t-shirt I see! Maybe they took the rest of his clothes off him. That's the only explanation I can think of.
2nd show. Hold up! Someone's getting a free pass to the final? I wonder who that will be? *crab eyes* Urgh, the housemates choose! Bet they choose Steve. Steve'll take that fucker too.
Urgh: look at JJ's sweaty head. He makes Stuart and Dale (Stale t.m.) from years gone by look charismatic. I'll take the potato. Jo evicted. It didn't bode well for her when her odds were 200/1 earlier. Plus she's black. And a woman.
I like Jo's dress! they've all scrubbed up well for evictions lately.
Cliche count! Start the clock. 'It's all good. The penny dropped. It is what it is at the end of the day.' (brilliant!) 'Strings to his bow.
The difference between her with her make-up on and off is quite extreme! I need that make up.
Yeah we get it, you're pissed off with Corin. Zzz. Hormone treatment? Is she a tranny? Oh my boyfriend said it's probably HRT.
Cougar is about as offensive a term for women as WAG. It's certainly not something to style yourself on.
Goodbye messages to Jo. 'No one comes between me and my man!' Ooh, sorry, wrong show.
Sam's goodbye message was special. He did a spastic face and said 'lots of love'. Sweet.
Jo on Sam and Andrew; 'social services!'
What IS Davina wearing? Sorry, a little late to be wondering that, but still.
CRAB EYES! Shifty. Telling Davina what's what on her own show.John James looks sinister tonight. He's giving it the Tom Cruise fake smile! Oh nice when they chose Josie and she got a big cheer. Fuck Steve. John James and Steve both look bitter behind the fake smile.
No one looked shocked about the All Stars! Corin was hamming it up too much.
They are ALL UP NEXT WEEK. FOR FUCKS SAKE LETS GET DAVE OUT. Come on folks. You can do it. Please dial carefully. Love you.

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