Saturday, 14 August 2010

Big Brother 11: Why is the last mile the hardest mile?

Hi! What gave Sam the impression that Littlejohn was his closest friend in the house? either way,he played a blinder with all the tears and histrionics.
John James simply 'got caught up talking about that situation in the shower.' Not in any way was he the instigator. Oh, no.
John James actually seemed quite genuine with that apology. The operative word is still surely 'seemed'.
Wow, this is a really boring episode of BB, there's fuck all to say about it.
Dear Jo: it's a foregone conclusion, not a full-blown conclusion. Now go pack your bag.
LOL to Josie saying she's like a sack of spuds in bed! I thought John James didn't like blowjobs?
I really want to see JJ crack and drop this pathetic nice guy act he's barely keeping up right now. I want him to show his teeth.
They didn't argue too much about choosing Josie to get to the final, did they?
John James actually looks LIVID. The camera man is having a field day zooming on on the crab zone.
Steve looked thrilled to be going home in 11 days. Can you see him in the all stars house? I don't think he'd be into it in the slightest.
John James bitching about Corin when really he's mad about something else.
The only housemates who would be worth going in all stars are John james, Josie or Sam.
Josie seemed very genuine in the diary room, showing her gratitude. I think we would have seen a much better Josie in that house if it wasn't for the crab tyranny.
Four to go on Friday? Should be a vote to save. I can see John James leaving. Which is fine, but god knows what else we'll be left with.

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