Sunday, 1 August 2010

Big Brother 11: Sexual harrassment

So, Sam. Can he keep up that act indefinitely, or is he just a mega knob? John James having to grit his teeth as Sam took the mick out of them on last night's show was amusing though. And we saw a new side of Andrew too; Andrew under pressure. Interesting. This lot really deserve what they get.
I think Sam is enjoying playing dress up. And I think they want him to fail this task.
I think Sam just sexually assaulted Josie. Can we throw him out now? I hope Big Brother tells him off. Oh, they did.
John James squirming when Sam was grilling him about the romance was interesting. I didn't like the way John James ducked and dived over that.
Sam didn't seem the slightest bit bothered that he has to wear fancy dress from now on. It feels to me like he's got aspergers or something; there's no levels to his personality. Something's not right.
Jo is being a bit unfair dragging Corin over the coals over JJ, when she has a girlfriend. She's already done enough damage on her own.
Messages from home! Tissues at the ready.
No message from Corin's girlfriend! Uh oh. Dave's wife message seemed utterly stilted. If my boyfriend left a message for me like that after 2 months, I'd assume he'd been off fucking half of London. Either that or she's just a cold fish.
Media coverage! John James won't like that. He's not in it for that! Except when he is. John's mum is glam.
Steve's kids are cute. His wife didn't seem very loving either. Maybe she's pissed off about Keeley.
Ah, it was nice when Rachel hugged Steve, she seemed genuinely compassionate.
I'm not sure I'd dare start the toothbrush war with Sam, you never know where he's going to put it.
BBB (bring back Ben!)

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