Monday, 16 August 2010

Big Brother 11: When I wake up, in my make-up

John James thinks his relationship with Josie is perfect? I think he needs someone a bit more brow-beatable. I just watched a few snippets of (non) Armageddon-gate and he was hammering her so hard. Mind you, he was hammering everyone hard. He makes a broken record look like a 192bpm mp3.
'From what I know... I'm in love with her.' Is that the Prince Charles declaration? The Big Brother grilling him was quite sexy sounding.
I remember Corin saying she doesn't like people fucking with her stuff. So she probably doesn't like people stealing her eyebrow pencil. It's like stealing her actual eyebrows.
Riddle me this, Mario. God help us if that's the scrapings of the highlight barrel.
John James's back-scrubbing technique needs some work, she looked red raw afterwards.
LOL to the David Beckham perfume. Is it called Beckscum?
John James is getting more screwy as the days go on. He reminds me of the Woody Harrelson character in tedious monster-turkey movie 2012. He's lucky the show is coming to an abrupt end or he'd be screaming on top of a mountain in two weeks time. In fact, he might still be.
Housemates favourite meal task was quite cruel. John James's favourite meal was a hamburger. LOL. He makes me look sophisticated.
I've decided I want Mario in the final, and I hope he gets there. It means a lot to him.
Josie: John James doesn't even like you with a fanny, let alone a willy. Let's not kid ourselves.
Ouch Corin walking her 'tache! That's gotta hurt.
John's Josie's rock (pool). JJ sounds like he's setting Josie up for a fall, trying to make her say she might fancy someone else.
Davina McCaw task. LOL to Steve saying Dave's 'glory' BS is poppycock. I have heard John call Josie thick many a time. He's always undermining her position on things.
John's got two... braincells!
Sam is right about JJ- he wouldn't spit on him in the outside world.
Some of the faces during that task were classic- ie. Mario, John James and Corin.
Sam needs to think of a name for his game where you basically just whack a ball at each other's er... balls. Some of these blokes in there would be better off infertile.
Dave basically just agreed he DESERVED to be in the final! Fuck me. Too right Steve would have picked someone else to get the free pass: himself! Even Mario is envying Josie's position in the house now. Could this 'free pass' come back to bite her?
Pranks! Could there be anything duller? Oh yeah. JJ.

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