Monday, 2 August 2010

Big Brother 11: Heads, shoulders, knees and crab eyes

Sam: 'JJ you're a prick.' Apparently JJ likes that kind of 'banter'. I heard JJ say on the live feed that two famous people he'd like to be friends with are James Corden and Peter Andre (for the music). Music?! Case closed on this cunt.
Does that say 'c'est la vie' on Sam's chest? Isn't that a Bewitched song? Sorry, B*witched.
Everyone trying to convince themselves Sam is loveable scamp when really they can't stand him is quite special.
John James looks sexy again today... and this is why he will win. Even though he's a psychotic women-hater.
I thought Corin would be sweating about the lack of video tape from her girlfriend. But SHE is the one that doesn't seem bothered. She's just written off her girlfriend just like that. No more buzzing with her I guess! (apologies)
Jo is just a platitude-fest. She's got less character than a dishcloth. Has she even said one interesting thing since she walked through the door?
I can't work out what's going on in this task. It's definitely not as good as the endurance tasks on BBUSA, I know that much.
John James is loaded because he inherited loads of cash from his dead dad. I hate the thought of him lording it over Josie. I feel like she is heading for such a fall.
Magazine deals! Old crab eyes don't need the money. He doesn't approve of that sort of thing, either. John James is bearing his teeth like a chimp when Sam goes for Josie. But he didn't stick up for her. He should back Josie up on this one.
No one is going to be interested in Sam's story, that's for sure.
I liked Sam smirking during Andrew's date. I'm surprised Andrew chose him! Poor Andrew, he hasn't got a clue. Sam is quite camp really, he's like a bitchy queen.
I don't know why Josie is bothered about the magazine deal thing. I'd be more annoyed that he'd called me a fat slag.
If Jo is a dishcloth, JJ is an amoeba. I'd call him an oxygen thief but I'm not sure he's actually breathing. A boxer? I wish someone would punch him in the face. With a knuckle duster.
I liked Sam a bit more today. He's just a little devil. But rather a devil than a dishcloth.

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