Thursday, 26 August 2010

Ultimate Big Brother: The triumph of the heart

So Josie hit the road. And who can blame her? I honestly think it's mental torture to get someone out for 15 minutes and then shove them back in again with no one they know. And then calling it a PRIZE? Start the show on Friday when she'd got her head together. But no. They have to do it all in five minutes and fuck it up as usual. I would have run screaming for the hills immediately. The winner shouldn't have to walk. It's not right. I'd take crab eyes over it a million times over. I hope she enjoys her night with him, or month with him or whatever she gets. She's not stupid; she knows it's not forever. For all the people saying she's let the nation down, she hasn't. It's all Big Brother's fault. She's done herself a big favour. I am hoping to see her and crabby on the front of a magazine soon. She deserves her press, her BBLB and her BBBM. I saw her on BBLB today and you could tell George had a soft spot for her. Weirdly I am starting to like George Lamb in the past few days. How did THAT happen? He seems like he actually watches the show these days, which helps.
The one good thing about Josie going is we don't have to hear endless picking over BB11 all the time now, which was dull enough the first time round. NO MORE CRAB EYES! It feels like starting afresh.
Nadia is being a cunt! Does she not get how fragile Josie must be feeling? Nadia is either needlessly cruel or a fucking idiot. And the 'or' is generous.
NICK. Please say 'if you live by the sword, you die by the sword'. SAY IT SAY IT SAY IT SAY IT!
Imagine if you were Preston's girlfriend listening to them two reminiscing about who used to cook- fucking hell! I'd slit my wrists now and save myself the agony.
Coolio makes me feel PHYSICALLY SICK. He's got bunches today. Novel way to cover up a bald patch, though. Ooh, Makosi just called it.
How long before Makosi brings out her real personality? She's got the prison jumpsuit on, anyway.
Nikki has got OCD and then some.
Preston's girlfriend's out of the country! Convenient. God he was 23 when he got divorced! Shocking. Brian is giving him a good grilling.
Ulrika: 'the end of any marriage is sad.' You should know. Nosy fuckers aint they.
OMG what's up Nadia's arse? She is being a complete arsehole.
John is giving the speech NO ONE DARED GIVE TO DAVE! Hallelujah! That was amazing. Wouldn't it be brilliant if John McCrazy won it! Makosi looks livid! She had no comeback.
Ah, here comes Makosi! 'I'm so bored'. LOL. Her whole religious upbringing destroyed in a single speech. You're not in UBB because of the jacuzzi, you're in it because you're a PSYCHO.
Oh Kat. Please drop fucking dead. OMG GRACE. Please drop dead too. Please.
John. Please put your shirt on. Lisa. Please drop dead.
What happened to the glittering TV career Coolio was going to set up for Terry Christian in LA?
EW to John getting a quick screw on the side. Gross.
So nasty when they all rounded on Josie about John James. I hope John failed his task for that. I wish someone would stick up for her.
Oh God, then he made Chantelle cry! Fucking hell. John: 'I'll apologise if I have to'. Kind!
Mind you, didn't Chantelle bring it up in the first place? Also, what is she wearing? She looks like Michelle Obama. I miss her New Look look.
Why on earth did Chantelle sign herself up for this? It's like signing up to get kicked in the face!
Yeah John was so nice to people he made two girls cry!
Oh god, Coolio talks transgender issues. Brace yourself.
Nasty Nick counselling Josie by calling John James 'a small scar'. I could see Ulrika and Nasty Nick having it off.
WTF is John's problem? He's too much, he really is.
Oh God, poor Chantelle. Run, follow Josie out the door. This path can only lead to pain. That diary room entry was heartbreaking.
Oh God, now tears from Josie! This is the saddest BB ever. Josie put her finger on it when she said 'they all know more about me and John James than I do.' That's the killer isn't it? I'd go mad if people came in there telling me what to feel.
WTF is that hammock about? Who brought that fucker in?
At the end of this show, I wanted it to be longer. I haven't felt like that FOR THE WHOLE OF BB11! UBB FTW.

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Ossian said...

something you said just made me realise what that show is, it's play jail.