Sunday, 22 August 2010

Big Brother 11: Do you like a finger up the bum?

Dave having an early morning backstab at John James!
Mario, the only person who wants to see you naked (again) is YOU! Form alpha to omega indeed.
Doesn't Andrew generally just say yes to anything anyway? LOL to the tree bringing Mario into it.
Just what you don't want at breakfast- Mario waving his willy around! I quite like his body type and he must have a big one. Why don't WE get to see it?! Serious exhibitionist! No doubt Dave was mortally offended- oh no, he only hates women getting naked.
Mario is borderline sex pest, let's be honest. He's just using this task to humiliate Andrew!
LOL to Josie saying 'do you like a finger up the bum'! Of all the things to ask him! I feel sorry for Andrew now- he's working hard for this task.
Andrew: '15 minutes- I should be so lucky'. Heh.
They are cruel making him say he fancies Mario! What if his parents just tuned in at that moment?! Mario is going to make Andrew give him a handjob later.
Big Brother was actually lighthearted and quite funny tonight. Makes me wonder what we were missing all this time.
Tree to JJ: 'what's your name again?' And he called him JJ2. Nice.
The leg wax was a step too far. I tried to wax my legs once, and my leg bled and I cried. NEVER AGAIN. I had to try and wash the other strip off because I didn't have the balls to pull it.
Tree to Dave: 'you still here?' Sweet. T-shirt watch: Dave is still wearing the green T-shirt. Do you think he's febreezing it? Lovely!
I wish they'd made JJ be the sucker in that task instead of Andrew.
Biscuit noms: Rich teas are rubbish. But what biscuits have icing on? Party rings, maybe?
Josie: 'no one's ever loved me before'. Aw.
LOL to John and Sam Pepper shouting over the wall. I saw crab eyes on BBLB today and he said 'fuck'. That scamp.
NB. No perfect day starts with Anthea Turner.
My boyfriend just found the naked pics of Mario. He does appear to have a normal sized penis but bollocks like a bag of oranges. Enjoy!

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god that was ugly.

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