Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Big Brother 11: Martyr-dumb

Dave and Jo: everyone hates you. Just walk, the pair of you, get in the pantomime horse suit and gallop down them steps. Jo: 'know your place'. Sam: 'moany bitch'.
Jo, what have you actually brought to the house? Face-ache, that's about it.
JUST LEAVE DAVE, THE DOOR IS OPEN! Fuck me, is this all they've got for us tonight.
Josie and John James both look cute today; but I have drunk half a bottle of wine.
Sam Pepper playing the martyr in the diary room! Loves it. Keep him in.
Jo, can anyone say NEEDY? She's one needy psychotic bitch.
Corin on bumblebees: 'that one was the size of a horse.' The more Jo slags off Corin, the more I like Corin. Jo, you are digging your own grave here. Let me get a spade and give you a hand. Do you get me?
The torrent of hypocritical bullshit that comes out of John James's mouth is unreal. Everything John James says about Corin is just the bad parts of himself projecting.
Brie of temptation! I know someone who'd like this task: Lord Alex James, of course.
What's JJ and John James's horse called? Mr. Gaylord?
How can Josie and Jo weigh 25 stone? They can't be 12 and a half stone each. Sam and Corin are a match made in equine heaven. Nice horse name. Kolsek the Butcher aint bad either.
I like the fact Sam was eating that cheese before he rubbed it on himself. Delightful. Sam is actually a little cutie. So hope he stays this week.
Horse race task: zzzz.
Nice of Sam to read that letter in the style of a child.
Mario: 'I miss Ben.' You should have been nicer to him then!
Sad to see Josie bending to the John James and JJ hate mob. Still, it would be inevitable after a while, the way old crab eyes harps on.
Quorn sausages? Is Sam a veggie? Another reason to keep him in. It's what Morrissey would want.

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