Saturday, 21 August 2010

The X Factor: Your dream, our nightmare

Nice of Big Brother to implode just as X Factor started, wasn't it? Great timing. I have to say, I'm not very excited about X Factor. It all seems very tired.
Oh are they still doing the auditions in front of the audience? Zzz.
Nicole Scherzinger is a big name in music only in the amount of letters she's got in it. I've never even heard of her.
I want to see something I haven't see before too,Simon. But I don't think I will.
UGH Geri Halliwell. Does she have one appealing personality trait? She doesn't even have any talent. I do like her haircut, though so it's not all bad.
This first act is just making me think of Britain's Got Talent. And I can't stand BGT.
You know how Dermot is always saying X Factor is the biggest show on TV? I always feel like he's trying to convince himself.
The black girl with the flower in her hair was good, but not as good as she thought she was.
The only thing the People's Princess Cheryl ever says is 'you're a lovely little this' or that. It's OLD. Her hair looks like it weighs more than her these days.
Cheryl and Simon laughing at Geri. LOL she said 'girl power'. Dear me.
G&S need to go on the straight and narrow. Aw it was sweet when he championed her. I liked her voice!
Please let me never hear that Don't Stop Believing song ever again. And I've only heard it twice.
I liked Jamh! They were a right motley crew. They were gloriously bad. I kinda liked Madonna girl even though she was annoying.
Release us! Indeed. I don't think I'll be blogging this again for a very long time.

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