Monday, 30 August 2010

Ultimate Big Brother: Another brother in here and you can't keep your knickers on

Oh Ulrika, button it. If you don't like it, go home because you provide zero entertainment. You're just sour. Blah blah you don't have children so it's different. YOU DID IT BEFORE you know what it's like. STFU.
As IF they are going to send Big Brother winner (by default) ANFONY in. They couldn't get that dull sexist tosser out fast enough. I wish Makosi WAS in political exile. Send Craig from that year in instead.
Preston has clearly written off his girlfriend. Chantelle, you should be happy. No, actually, you shouldn't because Preston treats his girlfriends like crap.
Even Brian is basically admitting the UBB housemates are a bit boring. Well, they're all getting on, you know. It's in no one's interests to really do something outrageous in there, is it? They're just doing their time and collecting the cash. It's still nice to have them, though.
Chantelle: 'Preston must be serious about his girlfriend as he has her name tattooed on him.' Well he MARRIED YOU, idiot. He hasn't got a clue what he wants. Oh Christ, poor Chantelle, closing her eyes on the M25. She should have seen a therapist, not a plastic surgeon. Nadia gave her good advice, but does Nadia take her own advice, I wonder?
I guessed Nadia would quit first too, she was always shit at tasks, especially ones to do with looks.
Nikki's 'big head' is good! Some of them are shit though.
Aw nice to see Michelle and Victor in there now. Oh Michelle told them what Victor said anyway. No bedsit loyalty!
Why is everyone scared of Victor?! He's cuddly! Brian is crawling a bit. I don't think Victor is going to be too bothered to be honest.
Preston faffs about what to wear because he's a pretentious idiot, Makosi. Getting relationship advice off her equals desperate times.
I'm glad Michelle is bitching, at least it's interesting! There's so many plastic breasts in that pool that there's no need for a lifeguard.
Nasty Nick getting the lowdown off Victor of what's been going on on the live feed! Love it. Victor discussing noms and slating Makosi! Pow.
Weird how Victor is chumming up with Nasty Nick when he was slating him for being boring on live feed. LOL to them plotting to oust Brian! Jungle prats.
Victor's diary room entry was good. He saw Nick's loins do WHAT?!
Slickman FTW.

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