Sunday, 15 August 2010

Big Brother 11: In Mexico, I lay on the grass

Dead show walking!
What has Andrew done in the past two weeks? Taken up space. Frowned. I've shown more emotion watching this programme.
Dave really, really, really hates Sam. Which makes me happy.
JJ is SO gutted he's having to wear those leaf pants. He's really HATING walking round showing his body off.
Ooh they are talking about the winnings! Surprise surprise Steve doesn't want to stay in the house if he wins. He has no interest in providing us with any sort of entertainment, he just wants the money and to run.
JJ is always digging into Corin, I hate him. She has offered 100 times more entertainment than him, and she's offered less than none. Corin fans, I suggest you vote JJ out.
John James is the ONLY PERSON in that house obsessed with winning. He is desperate for it!
Dave want to talk Sam into trusting him! You can't argue someone into trusting you, idiot. Dave: 'look into these eyes, they're eyes of love'. Sam: 'no they're not, they're scary.' Would Sam want to court Dave's daughter? I doubt it.
JJ is a wetrosexual.
Are Andrew and Mario going to get off with each other? It looked more genuine than John James and Josie. Mario just said 'obsequiousness.' I think that's the longest word I've ever heard in the Big Brother house.
Taco hell.This is Dave's dream task getting to stuff his face. Urgh JJ is a fucking dog- get some manners.
URGH please don't show us Dave puking! He looks like a fucking warthog! Nice camera work. Oh, Mario, you trouper. This is the mole we know and love. This seems like a bit of a health and safety issue. LOL at 'just leave me to it'.
OMG that was scary when John James said he was going to move to England to be with Josie. She is going to crash so hard. I feel really angry with him if he doesn't mean that. I think he might be the biggest gameplayer I have ever seen in Big Brother, and that's saying something.
Dave, why the fuck should I vote for you because you've got kids? Steve saying he deserves to be in the final. Does he fuck. Smug BASTARDS!
Oh I wish Sam Pepper could win, but I don't think he can with the stupid voting system they've got this week. I think we're gonna lose him.
Josie to Corin: 'John James said I'm so in love with you.' Corin: what does that mean? What does it normally mean?!
Mario and his eviction outfit! He's so desperate to stay, bless him. I felt warmer towards him again tonight.
In my ideal world I'd like Steve, Dave, JJ and Andrew go on Friday. But this world aint set up for lightupvirginmary.

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