Friday, 6 August 2010

Big Brother 11: Pepper spray

Are you excited about Mario's magic trick? Me neither! This task blows! Yesterdays show was sooo boring. Trying to sustain excitement since Ben gone is proving difficult. John James throwing a paddy in a dress was the best thing that happened yesterday. Why did they choose these people? Where are the Marcus's, the Freddies? Where's Rex? Instead we get Jo and JJ. They had 81 cunts to choose from, was this really the cream of the crop? Fuck a DUCK!
I like it when John just rounds on people. At least it provides some entertainment. Dave you ARE an inanimate object. Please go tonight. Get off my TV screen.
JJ looks like a little field mouse in that get up. I wish someone would stamp on him.
Like Sam riling Dave! Keep that up.
They showed Dave and Sam having the same conversation TWICE! Are we that hard up for highlights.
Wow, these highlights are duff. LOL they're making sure Sam stays next week. Good move. I dread to think what this show would be like without him.
Every time Jo speaks I want to drain my blood into a large bowl and throw it out the window, just to stop the pain.
Swimming-costume gate! John James definitely smirked.
Oh the old smoking argument. SMOKING IS AN ADDICTION. Well, you got addicted, moron, not me, so suck it up. Corin is getting on my wick. Sam seems more sane every day. It would be funny if he won, right?
Sam getting told not to insult people by old crab eyes. That's rich!
Dave 'especially with a woman'. He really sees women as inferior beings who can't stand up for themselves, doesn't he?
2nd show. Oh, who cares? They should have the evicted housemate come out of that box, it'd be better.
Not just as good Ben's stand up.
OMG Dave survives again. WHY? He's going to start thinking he's popular at this rate. Don't get me wrong, Rachel is a complete gorm but fucking hell. She's not a homophobic anti-abortionist fantasist.
I like Rachel's dress. At least she's enjoying herself if no one else is. She's annoying but she was basically harmless, except for when she was gunning for Ben.
Aw, Ben. *wells up*
Rachel wants Dave to win! WHY?
Can you imagine ringing in with a question for Rachel? I mean, you might as well just shout down a well.
Ooh, all-stars in two weeks! Who decides who's our favourite housemates? Here's my pick: Ashleeeeeeeeen, Victor, Rex, Brian Belo, Brian Dowling, Helen, Derek, Craig (psycho, not builder), Freddie, Marcus, and there must be some other females I liked but I can't think of any.
NB. Crab eyes is going to win this hands down. You know it, I know it, he knows it. And he'll be off to Australia to top up his already big bank account, leaving Josie for dust. The end.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog but BB really has become unbearable to watch. I think I managed about five minutes of tonights and I can usually watch any old crap. I second Sam Pepper to win, just to annoy everyone else.

Cheers for your blog providing more laughs than BB! x

lightupvirginmary said...

Thank you- it is becoming more labour than labour of love! Bring on the all stars...