Sunday, 3 January 2010

New Years Day: The Soaps

I very much enjoyed the soaps on New Years day, and thought they were much better than the Christmas Day. Of course I was most excited about the Syed/ Christian anti-fairytale coming on top, which it did, sort of. It's a bit rubbish that they continue to drag it out, but it's fucking Eastenders, what do you expect? Look at the Stacey/ Bradley carnival of sour faces that still rolls on unabated... it's pathetic.
But anyway, there were lots of briliant things about Eastenders. I liked the wedding, the colours, the horsey, the outfits, but mostly I liked Christian sticking it to Zainab. That bitch deserved what she got and it was great when he said 'he loved it!' Zainab is such a wholly unlikeable character, a hypocrite, a snob and homophobe to boot. I can't believe anyone actually likes the rotten old bint.
The second episode was obviously a disappointment, because we were waiting for Christian to sort the lot of them out, but he bottled it. And what's up with Jane? Why is she being such an arsehole, clucking on about 'the business'? She didn't care about it a couple of weeks ago when she fucked off. I expected Jane to be caring about it, but she's gone down the Roxy selfish bitch route. When is someone going to lend Christian some support? It aint going to be Lucy Beale is it?
The best scene in the 2nd part was when Zainab confronted Syed and he told her he loved Christian. I thought his acting was bloody brilliant. My heart broke for him and Christian, who must be the hottest gays in soap, ever. I'm glad he stuck it to her as well. I'm pissed off he married Amira though. She doesn't deserve that, even if she is an insipid horse face. She's got a good heart.
Will Zainab tell Masood (whom I think would take it better)? Will Christian still get off with Syed? Just wait another 12 months and we might find out.
Corrie was obviously nowhere near as good, but I did really like the storyline where Becky said she didn't want to have a baby. It's rare you see someone say that in a soap, and I thought her reasons were all very good! I get the feeling she's going to bend on it though, which is annoying. But I really felt for her. And fuck you Liz, and stop wearing that bloody necklace. Also, please get rid of Ashley and Claire, they are absolutely useless.
Cheers. Big Brother later! Wooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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