Saturday, 9 January 2010

Celebrity Big Brother 7: She has a phobia of dresses

Nice to meet you, I don't normally dress like this.
Saturday night BB is never very good is it? But let's cling onto it anyway. I think Kat is one of those girls who doesn't know the power of her own sexuality. That doesn't make her a slag or any of that bullshit; but I just think she attracts men and doesn't take due consideration of their feelings. And that is something a lot of girls AND boys do all the time (blokes just don't get called 'sluts' when they do it). Of course, Basshunter is an idiot, so that doesn't help. He is someone who needs clear lines drawing- no, diagrams.
Alex vs Vinnie isn't that much fun because Alex would never dare bite back, so it's just big dog snapping at little dog right now. Plus, what IS wrong with being a crossdresser? I think it was Jordan that let that one slip to the press anyway. I think Alex is a nice bloke with not much personality, who's been muzzled by Jordan. That's pretty much it.
Vinnie's comment about Kat said more about him than anyone else. He probably doesn't like her because she doesn't crawl up his arse like everyone else does.
Lady Soggy refusing to wear a dress: has she never seen BB before? Deal with it. Did she have a bad experience with one once? Alex should give her a masterclass. I'm not wearing that dress... shot to her wearing it about a minute later.
Oh god, the variety show. God help us. Why is Sov licking that box? I like Sisqo, I can't help myself. That's quite a trick, Sov's not only now wearing a dress, she's aged about 60 years and turned into Barbie's grandma.
Stephanie: 'this is MY bed.' Don't fuck with her, Dame Bowers. The luggage allowance on this year's BB is a joke. I don't have that many clothes in my wardrobe.
Don't worry Stephen, I don't think Ivana fancies you. You're safe. Plus she's under a net.
Luggage envy! Zzzzz. Label wars! Will Alex vote Vinnie out when it's nomination time? My bet is no, he's not up to it. Let's see if anyone else is.
It's a bit worrying when you're so rich you don't understand how to open a door. Who's going to buy Ivana's book about Celeb BB? I think I'd prefer to read Nasty Nick's tips on being evil. Believe me, I used to own it.
Stephen Baldwin looming over at you when you're trying to get jiggy with it. FYI! Passion killers r us! Praise the Lord! No I don't want any of your special drink to make me sleep, thanks. Maybe tomorrow.

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