Thursday, 7 January 2010

Celebrity Big Brother 7: This tune is going to punish you

The Stephanie bath frink was all a bit much first thing.
Vinnie in Bill Oddie shock. Little birds in winter time, hungry and are poor! Don't throw that little robin's schedule off, BB.
Is Baldwin going to do a Leo Sayer about the washing?
It was funny when the tree started talking. It would have been better if it had a freaky voice, like some creaking old granny. Fag-Butt Hunter takes life too seriously. He needs to chill out a bit. Can you find some space inside his bleeding heart? I hope that tree is going to kick his arse. Also he doesn't know the difference between sand and salt so I wouldn't like to go out to dinner with him.
That didn't make him very popular either way. It doesn't make you very popular when you refuse to play the game. Oh shut up Sisqo, you aint seen NUTHIN yet. Has he never seen BB before? It's a TV show!
Stephen laying into Dame Bowers was quite funny. What good is he? None whatsoever as far as I can tell. Heh!
Heidi Fleiss is not famous, she's notorious. She admits to some interesting things! I saw Vinnie on live feed I think saying she was just providing a service, and he's right.
Alex on the Bible: 'some of that doesn't add up.' Correct. At least he's taking him on a little- but not enough. Surely brow-beating is against the rules?
Kat said 'we also split a family up' then laughed! LOL. I still like her! I just do!
Interesting Basshunter chose Sov to get punished with, not Kat. More to lose with Kat, of course. Him and Sov were quite cute in the Basshunter dungeon. A lighter hearted Prodigy! How poetic. Torturing him with his own music is good. Honestly, it makes Guantanamo Bay look like the Ministry of Sound. Rough justice! I liked Sov lying in a drawer to avoid contact with the Basshunter. It was like Chris Morris putting his kids to bed in a filing cabinet.
Didn't like Sisqo and Baldwin winding up Kat about Sov and Basshunter. She did look genuinely annoyed.
Nicola 'short concentration-span' T 'we did bible-bashing today'. Heh.
How long did they leave them in there getting punished?! That was harsh. I approve.

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