Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Celebrity Big Brother 7: Phone Booth- The Revenge

On the live feed last night I was quite moved by Basshunter's speech about wanting to go back to doing hard dance music. It's what his true fans want. He has a little folder called 'the real me'. I want to peek inside it. I jest, but it was quite interesting to see someone who has so obviously sold out struggling with it so overtly. It was like a Morrissey song in motion.
Stephen, your wife loves an imaginary entity more than you. Well done. I think I do, too. I wish Boy George was in there to tell him to shut it. No one in there seems to have the spine.
The 'Jesus exists' machine gun scenario was absolutely terrifying. It's bad enough when people put their religious views onto children, without bringing a machine gun into it, you psychopathic creep. Heidi, say it to his face, PLEASE.
Could Heidi win this if she took Baldwin on?
Basshunter is obsessed with willies, shit and piss. I think he's in the right place.
Smacking! They are covering all the big issues tonight. You don't need to get beaten to have good manners, Stephanie. You clearly don't have good manners as you haven't given Sov enough thanks for that zinc tablet.
Basshunter's management has branded him! He's like Rapunzel. I think they're gonna torture him when he gets out. The guy is psychologically a mess. I think he is trying too hard; but we'll get to the meat of him.
Alex is not being real, because Jordan has obviously said you can't talk about this, this and this. It's a shame as I think he's probably a nice bloke. I don't think Vinnie's very impressed.
Vinnie's all well and good taking the mickey out of Stephen's out of the room, but he should say it to his face.
Big Brother- take that Bible off him immediately! This is bullshit. No one wants to see this bollocks.
I quite liked the locking Vinnie in the phone box. Put Stephen in there and beam the fucker up.
Why has Dame Bowers got a girl's coat on? Fetching.
Chickens were slaughtered for that pathetic task. What would Morrissey say? Alex's task was a bit Donnie Darko. But less dignified.
Leave Vinnie out there in the snow on his birthday! Issuing orders! He's no Colin Farrell. He aint even Colin Firth. Aw look at him with his littly furry hot water bottle. Diddums.
Stephanie is a bit snooty. I like her for the most part but she's a bit naughty sometimes.
Vinnie's party was nice! Fish and chips and a party. Sweet. I was impressed by the amount of salt he put on those chips.
Kat told a good story on the live feed last night about getting locked in a club because she fell asleep in a toilet. But they didn't show that. Shame.
Big Brother being sponsored by Dreams does really seem like they've given up the ghost, doesn't it? Night night.


* (asterisk) said...

I like Stephen, even though he's a crazed God-bothering loon. He is at least funny. That said, someone ought to tell him fuck off with saying grace before meals. Even Sov isn't too bad. I'd expected worse because her music is so shit. I liked when she said, "I used to be a bit of a chav." Um, and now you're...?

I seem accidentally to have got drawn into this season of CBB.

lightupvirginmary said...

You might as well appreciate it now before it's gone!
You get one hour of live feed around lunchtime on E4. They are spoiling us.
Sov is 24! She looks about 16.