Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Celebrity Big Brother 7: Martha Stewart must be fuming

Bored of blogging every day now, it's like a full time job! I'm going out Friday! Argh! *takes laptop*
Nicola is going to need a lot more work at Stephanie's finishing school.
What is this Ivana stuff all about? I smell bullshit. Ah, it is bullshit.
What sort of name is Coogle fresh? Cougar fresh! Kugel fresh! Much confusion and no LOLs whatsoever. It's all filler, no killer because there's no storylines developing naturally now.
Ad break: Every minute a baby is born! Try contraception!
This task isn't doing it for me. There's not much at stake because I don't think Ivana could care one way or another.
Alex is grateful for kids dying of famine as it makes him feel better about him being slagged off in the paper! He'll be chuffed with the events in Hiati then.
It's hard to tell when Vinnie is pretending to being an arsehole, because it's no different from his regular behaviour. Ah he wasn't even doing it then! Enough said.
What award was Jonas recieving in 2007, best orgy in his mum and dad's hot tub? (I haven't seen the pictures of this one yet!) 'I'm a musician!' Well, barely.
Ivana's award is just a vase glued to a bit of wood. Stephanie does not look amused. Ha, they've got to smash it. Who will do the deed?
Why did Steph smash it before they'd drunk out of it? Was it an accident? I don't have rewind because I'm not at home, I'm on nursing duty! Then they drank out of the shards! Health and safety! What would Mario say?
Ivana seems unphased by the whole thing from start to finish! I don't think she could give a shit about anything! It was nice when Alex kissed her.
Ads: I like singing that 'tonight's going to be a good night' song! I see they've gone from Bright Eyes to Spandau Ballet on the Halifax ad. Just as good, right, Howard?!
I liked Stephanie laughing in the diary room, makes a change from her being so uptight. Aw, Ivana is kind. 'It was ugly anyway!' Then they left her to tidy it up! Harsh.
Not one natural thing happened today; it was virtually all 'scripted'.
All their slating of 'Rocky' just makes me want to vote, vote, vote for him!
Musical montage! I like these bits. They've all got Stephen Baldwin hair! Well done, Alex, thick AND greedy!
Jonas spray tanning Alex! This man is OBSESSED with publicity! Jordan was right to dump him for that. 'Spray my arse, bitch!' Goodness me. Alex is making David Dickinson look like Nicola from Girls Aloud. He's going to end up black! He is totally shameless! I wonder if they did his willy? OMG! He did it! Jordan, don't go down on him, he looks radioactive.
Vinnie is one bitter old shrew. He thinks that makes Alex looks stupid, but actually it makes Alex look like a good laugh.
Vote Alex and Dane to win. I'd PAY to see Vinnie voted out tomorrow!

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johnifer said...

Alex is the favourite to win now! Personally I'd rather see Dane or Jonas win but as long as it's not Vinnie I'm not too fussed! x