Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Celebrity Big Brother 7: Can I make love to my wife?!

8pm! What a load of bollocks. Also, the live feed situation is a joke. They are all ASLEEP at midnight! That one little scrappy hour of live feed they give you in the day is just an insult. I hope the producers are proud of running this show into the ground. I remember in the Helen and Paul days when there was the split screen and we were spoilt for choice and we were waiting for the future when we could literally follow our housemate of choice around (POV for housemates) and electrocute them at night to keep them awake. WHY didn't this happen?! Quentin and Henrietta in charge couldn't even figure out that it might be smarter to have a vote to save instead of a vote to evict when all the major characters were voted off, week after week, year after year. Why aren't I in charge? Amateurs.
OMG Stephen talking about pulling his wife's hair during sex! Gross.
I watched that task in the 30 seconds of live feed in the day yesterday and Vinnie Jones was being a right bossy wanker, which is no surprise as in the live feed today, he was being a bullying homophobe. No doubt he'll win, because the people voting are just as bad.
I want sleepy drink! I need it, I can't sleep wink right now.
I like the fact Ivana keeps calling Vinnie 'Vince'. And Sisqo is still calling Dane 'Dean'.
Lady Sovereign is so pig thick it is almost criminal. Prostitutes should 'go find themselves a boyfriend'. Eh?
OMG what is Alex saying to Kat?! Stay in by getting off with Basshunter again! That's insane. That conversation was so cringeworthy. Who's Johnson? Johnson from Peep Show? Don't bring him into it! He already showed up on Aeon Flux the other night, don't be Kat's next victim, too.
Wow Kat cries! I thought she was an android. 'You don't know anything about it' is such a rubbish line of defence. I think we've got the picture, to be honest.
Vinnie FYI the public couldn't give two shits about a stolen can of beans. It's dull as fuck.
Haha this crossword task is cruel! A pair of tools! LOL. Vinnie gave away that he said that about Kat a bit, didn't he, by answering so fast?!
OMG when they were saying Stephen is a dick that was hilarious! This task is ace- like vintage! Nicola: 'I called him a knob!' People suggesting the different insulting answers was brilliant.
Haha 'no one said beware the ides of nicky', Stephen: 'I said it!' Hahahaha! Fantastic.
Aw when they're all like 'don't re-read it'. The damage is done, folks.
Sov getting upset about her hair. Sov, your hair IS shit. You're 24. Grow up. And coming from me, that's RICH, so it must be true.
Dame Bowers was upset that Sov might have slighted his haircut. Come on, Dame, you aint rocking anything THAT good up there.
LOL at Nicola not knowing how to spell 'knob' and Stephen smirking at her. Gold!
Uh-oh Dane chatting about Kat when she was in the room! Ouch! He aint spoken for a week, then when he unleashes the bile, she was right there! Don't you just hate it when that happens! The feeling in your stomach of utter dread is just unsurpassed! More so if it's your boss!
It was quite good tonight, I must say. Kat's going to go this week. Beware the ides of Exitainment!

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