Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Celebrity Big Brother 7: Animal Farm

I'm back in my nest! Woo. I think the celebrity going in is Davina, I heard it on the grapevine.
Who's thicker out of Alex or Nicola?! Fight! It's all relative; it's like saying what's thicker, a can of beans or a shoe.
That task was kind of dull. Alex's Lionel Richie looked like Nemo, of finding fame.
Vinnie slagging Dane- zzzzz. I see they are showing Alex being a prat in the diary room just as people are voting. Fix!
Alex's sensitive dealing with Jonas' tourettes story was beautiful: 'what, were you dropped on the head or something?'
Alex appreciation society! Aw. It's weird when they're not taking the mick out of him. It makes me uneasy.
I was about as sad to see Ivana go as the housemates (i.e. not very). You can't really boo Ivana. What for? Her earlobes?
Aw look at Stephanie and Ivana's friendship; slightly marred somewhat by the nomination she gave her.
I felt nothing for that first show. Nothing!
2nd show! I guess Nicola's outee then. See ya. Aw, she didn't deserve to go out like that! What a shame. I would rather have seen that happen to someone else. She took it well. Her interview wasn't bad. Davina wasn't too overbearing.
Davina's going in! I wonder how long Davina is going to stay for? Davina doesn't do whispering very well, does she? Is it just a coincidence a girl was evicted and Davina is a girl? Girl hands required!
Vinnie sussed it immediately! LOL. Davina is too ungainly. That farmyard thing was SO creepy. Did Davina not have a plan of action when she went in? She's just scampering around like a prat! I'm glad I'm not watching this after too many painkillers or I'd be right freaked out.
Is she not going to reveal herself AT ALL?! I don't get it!
OK I'll watch Big Mouth to try and suss it out, and as my blog has put lack into lustre tonight. Emma Willis is presenting. She can't read the autocue.
Oh God, not John McCruick again! I'm going to have to bail. You'll have to figure it out yourself! Ta-ra!


Anonymous said...

I always visit your blog straight after watching Big Brother, ever since the last series. The two go together like tea and biscuits. Love your comments, Don't give up :(

lightupvirginmary said...

Hey thank you so much, that's a really massive compliment. I ofte wonder why I bother, and that's a good reason too! :-)