Monday, 11 January 2010

Celebrity Big Brother 7: Big Brother is lying to you

Noms! Time to find out what they're really thinking, if anything.
Sisqo thinks Nicola's dumb! Where did he get that idea?
I think Kat is right; Nicola would have bullied her at school. She's that type! I feel like that around a lot of people, especially allegedly pretty girls. You can spot 'em a mile off. I prefer the wonky type of girls.
Has no one nominated Stephen so far?! They must like being woken up by Jehovah's witnesses bellowing in their earholes at the weekend.
Fusspot! Wow, what an amazing word. Heidi called Sov 'Suave'. 'Her teeth give her the creeps!' I'm sure the feeling's mutual! Teeth noms! I like it. Uh-oh, way to get your nominations, cancelled Heidi, come out and say who you nominated.
OMG coming up; the Ziggy/ Chanel denouement for Kathunter! I don't believe it, there's life in that old dog yet, ie. they're both still stuck for something to do, so why not each other?
Anal humour! Jonas is obsessed with poo-poo, who knows why? The fact you're even offended by it is tiresome, Stephanie, it's too easy. Oh 'they should have courted in the summer-house'; it's not like they're fucking all over the place, is it? PS. What summer house?!
Did Sisqo call Dane Dean?! Haha, and then called him neutral and claimed he wasn't a good enough celebrity! LOL. You've spoken for a nation. If anything Dame Bowers is even MORE boring than I'd expected him to be, because he's so self-conscious. You're a celeb! Act like one! I do, and I'm not even one!
Everyone, Heidi is sleeping because she's grieving, and she's not carping on about it, as you would. It's dignified, if anything.
Aw, Basshunter doesn't like Sisqo showing off and talking about his hit records. Wonder why!? (Don't worry, he only has one, too, Basshunter.)
Is Sov gay??? I demand to know. I guess it figures in a way, (tomboy/ quirky) but I can never tell these days.
I liked Ivana's song to her dog, it was nutso. Noms seem pretty split so far. I don't think one single person has nominated Baldwin. WTF!? Oh Dane did! Well done, insipid non-celeb.
Everyone is nominating others for 'not getting involved'. I'd rather not get involved! Get involved in what, taking your top off and crowing about how much cash you've got? Fack off.
Alex bemoaning the state of young girl's in British society. Thanks, dad. What, like falling over on the street flashing your knick-knocks like your 'missus'? Doh...
Vinnie claiming he's been waiting on Heidi and looking after her... well no one asked you to. She's got legs. Oh hallelujah (!) Vinnie nommed Baldwin. Good.
Ooh I like Sov's purple glasses. Lots of noms for being lazy, too. Lazy blighters.
Heidi, Kat & Sov up. I don't really want any of those to go. I guess Heidi will go. At least Alex is safe so has more time for his personality to come out- heh.
I do think it would do my head in being in there with Basserina (Kathunter was better, wasn't it?) canoodling. I'd kill them both in their beds. Kat's behaviour is pretty appalling, really. It's not fair to blow hot and cold on someone like that. Basshunter is going to end up looking like an idiot... oh.
Her giggling whilst she 'dumped' him in a room full of other people was pretty stupid. I guess she's living down to her infamy. Shame, I wanted to like her but it's REALLY hard. Haha, Kat 'we're not like proper adults' disclaimer! Isn't she 20? And He's 25! Christ! And then she said she didn't like his jeans! That girl is whack. Having said that (!) I've gone off people for less.
Alex's comforting off Basshunter was quite nice. I don't think Sov likes Kat. She'll be sticking the knife in with Nicola before the day is out, but who could blame her?
Heidi: 'they're bringing in new food!' when BB cleared out the fridge. Nah. Naughty rule-breakers! That'll learn 'em. I'd be fucking fuming if they took my dinner away. I'd go garrity! No one comes between me and my saturated fats!
Vinnie's threatening to walk! We'll see, hard man. Ooh Baldwin shifting the blame to Nicola! How Christian of him. Mind you, the way she dealt with it was equally pathetic. She was bold confronting him, but he proved how delusional he is by saying BB is lying about the conversation! BB doesn't lie, big man. He just misbehaves. Haha, then he told her to apologise! For what?! Apologise wars! No, you say sorry! No, you say sorry! LOL.
Is Sov monitoring everything Heidi eats? I don't see the appeal with Sov. She's OK but she's dull as fuck, to all intents and purposes. There would be no great loss without her.
Aw poor Basshunter (and Alex) desperate for attention from Kat strips naked! He put a smile on Heidi's face at least! Neither of them looked like they had much to offer willy-wise. Ivana looked thrilled! Dame Bowers and Sisqo looked embarrassed.
Heidi looks grey. I think Kat might be a sociopath. I honestly don't think she gets what's up with the way she behaves. Good plan, Basshunter, give her the space (ie. ignore her) and she'll be back before the night's out, I guarantee it. That's how she operates.
BUT still. To all the twatters calling her a prick tease, etc, go fuck yourselves, if you can't control your own prick, cut it off. You're a rape champion. Well done. (I'm pleased with this phrase 'rape champion'. Do you like it?)
No live feed til 1.05AM! And my recordable TV's fugged. Thanks world, thanks a lot.
OMG Every You Every Me is the soundtrack to Cruel Intentions! Volume up! I'm watching it now. Ryan Philippe is sex on legs. Shit, my blog is over, I forgot. Byeee!

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