Sunday, 24 January 2010

Celebrity Big Brother 7: Third gear to get up to the house

One second in and Vinnie annoyed me. He actually makes my skin crawl. At least Steph stuck to her point in the face of him trying to belittle her. Oh then he went and ratted on her in the diary room! Nice. Real nice. It is HIM who is desperate to win.
Nicola: too stupid to realise when she's being insulted! That was kind of endearing, though.
A big fat orange isn't a home truth, it's just a random insult! I like it. Dane Devito! Harsh. Jonas does look a bit like a rat. Poor Alex, he's so vain (and dumb).
Nicola: 'Tree!' Tree: 'What do you want?' Haha. I like that tree, he's quite rude. Their conversation was brilliant! 'He's going bald!' LOL.
Ha, Vinnie thought the quality of celebrities would be better! Charming! Why is he slagging off Richard Bacon? I like Richard Bacon! Richard Bacon was TOO COOL to go in, unlike you, Jones!
The conversation about Marlon Brando was quite interesting. Why SHOULDN'T Alex wear a bum bag? Should people only do things that the press will approve of? Does Vinnie fax Rupert Murdoch for approval every time he wants to something? Moron.
I thought Nicola did well on that task. She's not a perfect housemate; but there's more good in her than bad. She's got a bit of charm.
The first thing I thought when I saw her message from home was 'where's her boyfriend?' so after the fuss she made about that photo not having the right lighting/ the appropriate photoshopping, god knows what she's going to make of this. I mean you know your parents are going to stand by you in the house; even Kinga's mum probably took her back in. It's your partner you'd worry about, I'd imagine. There's no doubt BB did it deliberately; she's probably getting a bit too close in the odds to Vinnie so they want to scupper her chances by making her have a crack up.
'Man of the people' Vinnie bragging about his money was tragic; if you're such a big man, why are you on this show? Can't you drive yourself? You're not 'speaking for the public' now, are you? Plus he interrupts, all the time! He's just trying to be top dog over Alex, it's fucking pathetic, it's beyond pathetic, actually. He'll be bragging about how big his knob is next. Just because you live on a steep hill, doesn't mean your house is any good, you twat.
Those charades looked good, I'd have liked to have seen more of those. They were quite good at getting them actually! They were hard.
I didn't know Dane and Jordan had a sex tape! I'll be typing that into Voggle later. Or maybe not. OMG I just found it already *uses bleach for eyedrops*. Why are celebrity sex tapes always so BORING? I mean, surely you're saving your best work for when you've got the camera out! Jordan looked thoroughly bored using that vibrator. And those knickers! The sex was almost silent! It's funny, you'd kind of imagine Jordan would have sex like this, posing and preening and not having very much fun. I mean, don't people laugh when they have sex in real life? Who leaked this? There's no excuse for putting us through this shit, it's like Paranormal Activity all over again. Also, Jordan looked 100% inflatable, and Dane Bowers willy is really weird looking. I'm going to have to rethink my options towards him.
And the filth continues. Dane slept with 5 women at once! Do you think it was as much fun as that video? Probably less fun as it wasn't on film, although I can't imagine how. A sex toy up your bum! I'm glad Stephanie wasn't up for this conversation. I can't believe they went to bed at quarter to eleven! What sort of party is that? Haha, and they all went to bed whilst Jonas was in the diary room! Harsh. I like Jonas. He's an idiot, but he's alright.
God, there's no one to believe in, is there?

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