Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Celebrity Big Brother 7: A bit like your career

This blog is coming at you live from south london, as I cleverly locked myself out of my flat earlier! Brilliant. Even better when you live alone.
Ha, it's funny they turned the heat up and the water off, I saw alex complaining about this last night and he was NOT happy. Salt/ sugar swap: Sov getting the blame when she's not even there!
I don't think Stephen and Vinnie are going to take too kindly to BB's jiggery-pokery! There'll be tears before bedtime.
Weasel-gate. What animal is Vinnie? He's kind of like a rhino, bulldozering his way through everything.
Stephen, I hardly think you having to sit on a bench is equivilent to Jesus getting nailed to a cross. I think he's going to flip today. I can see it in his eyes.
Why have they painted the benches with honey? Weird. Sisqo looks under pressure.
They should have got Vinnie to ruin the dinner, not Dane. Dane was not very amused by the tree, was he? What is a 'busy fucker'?
I don't like it when they get punished, really, it makes for miserable viewing.
I missed the middle 15 minutes because there was a power cut, but only in the room in my boyfriend's house that I'm in?! I'm pretty cursed today. And you know bad things come in threes, so I'll probably spontaneously combust in my sleep (oh, I forgot, that phenomenon doesn't happen anymore since we got camera phones- odd that!)
The power out (arcade fire!) was fixed just in time for me to see them all enjoying Dane's chilli powder! Epic fail!
See those blankets BB gave them? I stayed in a hotel that had blankets like that recently.
Vinnie gloating that all the foreigners got nominated. Well done, you're a racist. Ho ho ho.
I think Sisqo was genuinely gutted. Vinnie stirring the pot about him! What is up with that man? It's not hard for americans to do well, if they are likeable. Vinnie, stop speaking for the public! It's OK if everyone presumes Vinnie is going to win, but not if Sisqo fancies his chances? I'm sick of hearing Vinnie's voice, to be honest. Keep Sisqo in: let's rub Vinnie's face in it. I have faith in the British public; I don't think they will let Vinnie win.
The heating thing is just cruel- why do I not feel sorry for them?! I like it when Alex goes all prissy. It's not a very good threat; 'you might get what you want, some good TV.' That's like when I said to my boyfriend; 'can you make us a cup of tea, and if you don't I'm going to do it?' Folly!
Alex fighting the power! Smash that emergency door! I saw a bit of a different side to Alex on live feed last night; like he dropped his guard and wasnt just a loveable buffoon, but had a unpleasant side to him as well. There was just something about it that made me uneasy. Having said that, he was tired and they were torturing him, so I'll give him another chance.
That tree is cheeky! Dane's 'scream like a girl' task; I actually saw this on live feed and thought it was genuine. I jumped out of my skin. Dane's acting was absolutely amazing, like straight-faced genius. He didn't come out of character for a second and the way he made them wait by pretending he couldn't even speak was just fantastic. I thought something awful had happened to him, and no one twigged for a second that it might be a task. I actually wanted to call someone up and discuss it; and that was the joy of Big Brother, back when it was managed lovingly, that it was a talking point. I miss that.
Compare Dane's bravery to Jonas pathetically refusing to put salt in someone's bed.
I also now know who Paranormal Activity's target audience was, because they all said they liked it. It's SHIT!
Another brilliant part was Alex waking up ready to rumble, he was ready to go! They didn't show it from a good angle on the show, it was funnier on the live feed. If I was Jordan I'd definitely feel safe in my bed if I heard a creak in the night, this guy is action man! How funny would it have been if he'd knocked Dane out cold?! Stephen is going to blame this on the devil, you do know that.
Dane actually looked white as a sheet. And he got his hug! He was absolutely brilliant. They fucked this up totally in the show, they didn't show anywhere NEAR enough of it. They could have done ten minutes on it at least from the footage I saw. If I was the suspicious type, I'd say they don't want Dane to win over the chosen one. Well done, BB editors, another enormous fuck up on your part. You don't even know TV gold when you've got it. Back to Vinnie cam!
It goes without saying now; but Dane to win. I've even stopped calling him Dame. You earn respect; and he just earned mine. I might even start fancying him.


Red said...

Noooooo! No fancitude! Though I agree that Dane has grown on me too. :)

* (asterisk) said...

The bit about Dane's career was funny, though. He took it well. Did you ever see him on Celebrity Come Dine With Me? He's all right, that Dane. He seems totally at peace with not really being famous anymore. I hope the CBB experience doesn't ruin that.

* (asterisk) said...

Also, all that talk about all the foreigners being nominated was bogus. Um, Jonas anyone?