Sunday, 17 January 2010

Celebrity Big Brother 7: That's hot, dog

Dane is going to be in the bad books with Jordan when he gets out! Isn't he meant to be her friend? It's a bit mean sitting there casting aspersions. Alex is a loveable prat. Vinnie is just a prat.
Sov is fucking with the egg allocation! Vinnie is slipping her an egg on the side! He'll make her pay for that later.
Why is Baldwin backing Sov's naughtiness up? The 'uneducated example of intelligence' sounds like a seriously backhanded compliment. I appreciate Dame standing up for what's right; no one backed him.
Vinnie is constantly influencing nominations! He gets away with murder.
It was interesting to hear Sov talk about her relationships at last. I don't think she's that comfortable discussing it.
Nominations. Perhaps Stephen just had an itchy bum when he was wiggling his bits at Nicola. Sov: 'Ivana treats me like a kid.' That's because you behave like one.
Aw, Sisqo is jealous that Ivana favours Alex over him! I liked his reason for nominating Nicola for mentioning her boyfriend to much.
Ivana nominated Joanne (!) for getting naked! But Alex did the same thing and she was all over it! That is out of order. You shouldn't be able to have a hypocrisy vote.
All this 'Sov is appealing to her audience' is total bullshit, she's just a little brat, she's not masterminding some anarchic plan. Alex's vote for Sisqo was a cop out, too.
What catalogues is Ivana buying her clothes from!? Littlewoods?
Vinnie's vote for Alex was such a cop out too; because he eats too much?! That's NOT why. Admit it. He also didn't nominate Sov! Interesting.
Was surprised Nicola was up, I don't think she's that bad. Baldwin's campaign against her has worked! Not much love for the women in that house at the moment.
I don't think Ivana would mind if Alex was changing his clothes 10 times a day. She's really got it in for Jonas. Stephanie going on about who's a 'real' celebrity is just another way for her to be a snob. I'm really getting tired of her attitude now. I wouldn't like to be a have-not in that house with her lording it over me.
Poor Stephen's wife; putting her trust in God and being stuck with that idiot. I could shoot his arguments down in about five seconds flat. He's been lucky with those housemates this year that they let him get away with so much, either through ignorance or apathy.
Vinnie acts like wants Sov to go constantly; and then went to Nicola 'I didn't think it would be you' after he voted for her. Sneaky.
Fag-gate! The others are enjoying it a little too much. I don't like Jonas's coat much.
'Jonas is sniffing Katia's pillow.' Nice.
Vinnie is such a stirrer, I can't STAND it! Will the LGBT community be backing Sov? Ooh, the lesbians hate the bi's! Dame Bowers knows! His word is final.
Liked Alex considering becoming Ivana's fancy piece.
Basshunter is being taken for a ride! Vinnie is watching that situation eagle-eyed. Stephanie's right, he is a sucker.
So who will leave? Sov will go, right, because she's annoyed more people? Surely the mythical 'fanbase' doesn't really exist?
Considering it was nominations, that episode was pretty dull. So they are to blame for the fact there's not one single joke in my blog. Sorry.


johnifer said...

Oooh You used the term "fancy piece" I thought that was an Aberdeen specific term, never heard it anywhere else! x

lightupvirginmary said...

oh yeah I've heard that many a time! :)

Anonymous said...

"Uneducated example of intelligence" is one of Sov's lines and it's one of her tattoos,