Thursday, 14 January 2010

Celebrity Big Brother 7: Intergalactically, don't say stupid stuff

Fixed my telly today so don't have to watch BB on my laptop anymore. It was just a bit of wiring jiggery-pokery.
Vinnie and Stephanie plotting! What time in the morning are they bitching together? Kat and Jonas weren't under the covers again! The Farting classes! Meow.
Heidi reminds me of Courtney Love a bit and it's not just the lips. She's very straight-up. I agreed with Kat when she said 'you're not going to stay with someone because everyone else likes her'. Alex seemed beleaguered going 'I'm not allowed to talk about this', it made him look pathetic. He is really getting it in the ear, though.
Vinnie giving Sov advice didn't go down so well, did it? She's a lost cause, she's stuck in her little rut. All this crowing about how wonderful Vinnie is sticks in my craw. Alpha male! Zzzzz.
Why is Jonas always dressed up like he's going to a charity ball?
How does denture cream and dildos go together?
Kat's doing her Beavis and Butthead laugh again. Her and Basshunter's conversation topics make that Backyardigans look high brow.
Oh god, Alex hour again! I already saw this on live feed. Alex was sitting very closely to Dane on that couch. Baldwin was keeping tight-lipped on the tri-sexual front. I don't think Alex is bi, he's just faux-gay for pay.
Vinnie's 'I wouldn't go in a film with you for 5 million dollars' is clearly bullshit, as he's sitting in the Big Brother house destroying his questionable credibility with him for how much, 250 grand?
Alex went into analogy hypermode to try and defend himself. Even Dane and Sisqo sticked the knife in.
How is it acceptable to call Alex a 'tossed salad'?! Honestly, Vinnie is obsessed with the cross-dressing thing, why is he so offended by it?
Stephanie calling Vinnie 'dude'!
Is the fauxmance back on?
Why are they asking Vinnie if they can eat corned beef? It's pathetic! Who died and made him dinner lady? He's aggressive! Alpha male just means aggressive arsehole as far as I can see.
Stephanie has had it in for Sov from day one, before her tantrums began. Stephanie just never liked the look of her. 'She doesn't fit in' just sounds nasty.
The aren't showing much diary room footage, are they? Dame Bowers is boring, but he's actually quite nice. Urgh. Nice!
OMG that corned beef looks like fucking cat-food! I'll take the rice and chick peas (vomit).
Dame! Brave to take on Vinnie Moans! Come on Dame, give it to him.
Kat's attitude to washing up was good. At least she put the rubber gloves on, it's more than Heidi does. Vinnie's got a bad back from washing-up! Hard men r us.
Corned-beef gate is getting on my cunt. Oh god, now they're bringing up bean-gate. Save us. I like the oblivion by the younger members of the house.
I think Vinnie is going to marry that welcome pack. I think Alex is a bit of an Ivanker- LOL.
Alex's 'I wasn't going to propose' was blatant bullshit! Vinnie is cruel bringing up the public dumping. Poor Alex, he's getting dragged over the rack and taking it in quite good humour. Alex said TEXTSES! He rocks my world.
The tasks have been really good this year- they have actually been innovative! Vinnie was good in that task; framed picture of Jonas!
I like the way that Big Brother says 'brother'. Why do they need to know how many levels of browning the toaster has in the welcome pack?!
Baldwin will make Vinnie pay for that beer! Make Baldwin drink it, let's see him go on a sex and coke rampage again all spiralling from that.
What evil things has Alex done? Evil is a strong word! Oh my god, prayer time! Alex is so fucking gullible. We really need someone so desperately to take Baldwin on. Do you even believe in god, Alex? Is Jordan going to convert too? What about Princess Tiiami (fact. Peter 'dignified silence' Andre only cut Princesses hair because Jordan had been straightening it! Call social services- she's only about three.)
I'm glad Ivana and Stephanie are getting on. But in general there's too much getting on in that house. Bring on the 'victions!