Monday, 11 January 2010

The best thing on telly: Live from Studio Five

I've been intending to write a blog about Live at Studio Five for a while, and today Ian Wright has inspired me! I stumbled across it whilst staying in a hotel when we went to see Placebo, and I haven't turned back. It was a happy accident, fate, if you will! Haha.
In case you don't know, Live at Studio Five is Channel Five's 'news' programme; but it's so lightweight it makes Loose Women look like Crimewatch.
Presented by the amazing Melinda Messenger, Kate 'The Apprentice' Walsh, and the incorrigable Ian Wright, it's just a masterclass in TV presenting off the cuff. In the past you have had to physically restrain me from punching the screen when Ian Wright was 'presenting' so woodenly dire he has been. I genuinely felt a physical hatred for him, like almost as much as I do for Robbie Williams. But on this show, it's like you're sitting on the couch watching TV with him., which oddly, works.
And he's got thick person Tourettes. He literally says every single thing he thinks. On tonight's show they showed pictures of some fairly normal-sized scantily clad woman in the snow, and Ian Wright blurted out, 'Munter alert!' When Kate and Melinda went 'they look lovely!' he snorted and went 'are you having a laugh?' Then just to make sure he said, 'They aint going to be cold in the snow with all that padding.' Seriously, you don't get that kind of shit on The One Show. He makes Richard Madeley look positively demure.
I'm having a go at him, but I actually really like him now! You can imagine being mates with him and taking the mickey out of him a bit.
Melinda Messenger looks really pretty with Barbie curls, and big teeth, and holds the whole thing together with a surprising amount of charm and dignity. Kate, is actually a pretty good presenter, quite natural, although it sounds like she's struggling to get each syllable out past her teeth, which are somehow even bigger than Melinda's. I kind of want to give them all a hug and hang out with them, and be like their wise-cracking buddy.
Last week Ian Wright was off because his wife had a baby and his role was poorly filled by Michael Underwood (Northampton's unfinest), Ricky Sexist Knob Whittle, and Gollam Best. It made me pine for Wrighty! And he only had one weeks paternity leave! That guy is a TROUPER.
Another good part is they always discuss the kind of banal thing you've been discussing, or wanting to discuss but everyone around you is a little bit too highbrow to bother with, like Big Brother, or Mylene Klass wielding a knife.
This truly is the future of television. Watch it.
*edit I even got the name of the name of the show wrong! The stupidity is catching!

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