Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Celebrity Big Brother 7: Cuntdown

Nursing home chic! Help the Aged, was of course, the start of the decline for Pulp. But we hadn't heard The Trees, then. In retrospect, Help the Aged is ace.
Stephanie is like Ivana's translator. Lady Sovereign's 'I don't want to wear a skirt' thing is pathetic, even more so for a second time. Has she never seen Big Brother? Is she five years old? Get rid, I say.
Stephanie looks cute with bunches. Ivana must be driving her up the wall. Mind you, I don't feel that sorry for her just because of her general superiority complex. I like some of the old people clothing; I've always been a fan of Dot Cotton's tailoring. Vinnie- why the hate for Mr Motivator?! Meanie.
Heidi is rude! Has she heard of the word 'please'? I can't stand bad manners.
Countdown! Did they really choose Alex to play it? Lawks. Lady Sov laughed at the Countdown champion! He looks cool. She really is a moron. I'm done with her now.
Wow Dane got a 7 letter word on Countdown! And still he was going 'it's wrong, it's wrong'. This dude is born to lose! He probably apologises after sex. At last he pulled something out of the bag. The image results I just got for 'tribades' was quite interesting! Aw poor Dane on the numbers. It was his chance to shine. No other fucker was.
The Countdown champ kicked their arse, essentially. Deserved. Vinnie and Alex bullied him!
I enjoyed that. I'm shit at Countdown!
How funny that the people complaining most about the task are the residents, and not the carers! Basshuntergate: Kat pulled out, 'I'm only being honest!' Jeremy Kyle style. 'They always pick on the girl' is such a cop-out; Chantelle basically stole someone's boyfriend in that house, but did it with such charm that she went on to win the show! Take some responsibility, Kat. If Basshunter had done to you, what you'd done to him, it would be the same result; he'd be an arse.
Sov 'I can't think of one reason someone would have voted for me'. Because of your manky old teeth, apparently.
Alex avoided the Peter Andre conversation quite deftly. Perhaps he's been taking 'dignified silence' tips from Peter himself. The man doesn't actually know what his own opinion on anything is though, he's like a big chunk of cheese with a smiley face drawn on, ready to agree with anything anyone says at any time.
Ad break! Gok does disability chic! Tasteful.
I can't believe Baldwin has taken that shit with Nicola so far. He is projecting all over her. Yeah, you are on the list, mate. It's in-patients for the loony bin. Nicola is many things; thick, boring, shallow, plain- but evil isn't one of 'em. In fact; she's fairly harmless. I'd imagine her odds just sky-rocketed.
I hope Sov never has a servant. 'We deserve to eat!' Heidi's hating on the pigtails. I miss my pigtails now I've got an adult's haircut.
Plate it up! LOL. Someone's going to get stabbed in that kitchen. I hope it's Sov because she's acting like the biggest fucking prick on the planet. Yeah throw your dinner in the air, that will solve your hunger problem. It aint exactly South Sudan, is it? Send in the aeroplanes!
Ha to Sisqo jumping straight on her dinner! Fuck her, the spoilt little cunt. I can see why she's washed up, because like Kat, she's got no charm. I can't believe some of the housemates are even sticking up for her. She's under a lot of stress, whatever. They're all in the same cardboard TV studio.
Stop threatening to murder Nicola because she called you out on your own bullshit, Stephen! You're crazy! He might get booted if he goes too far, you know.
YOU should have said sorry Sov, you little runt. Show a bit of respect for someone serving your dinner. And your elders.
Poor Basshunter fishing for Kat bits; that was really tragic right there. Sov could have thrown him a crumb at least. Too busy sulking about being asked to tidy her room or do her homework, no doubt. At least Alex offered him a bit of comfort again, even if it was slightly unrealistic.
Great last line from Basshunter; if he plays up the sympathy vote; he could go far. It would probably be quite good for him if she gets evicted; he can start stripping and farting with gay abandon again. I still want to know what's in his little folder. No, not that one.

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