Monday, 25 January 2010

Celebrity Big Brother 7: I couldn't hit an old man

Why do these celebrities keep using the word 'bonk'?! I've never heard a human say that before, only a newspaper.
Dane's sex tape more searched for than Pammie's? I don't think so! I'd never even heard of it before. Plus, Pammie's was sexier; I've seen both now!
Steph looks cute today with the bow in her hair. Vinnie is going to flip over this task.
I wonder what Dane and Alex REALLY think of each other? There's been remarkably little bitching between them, really. They even have matching outfits on today.
Stephanie has totally had it with Vinnie now, you can see it on her face.
OMG that joke was a horror story. Nicola! Racist! That was mortifying. I think I preferred Alex and Dane's highbrow musing on the logistics of siamese-twin sex. At least they're having a laugh (at Vinnie's expense!).
Basshunter! Bad taste in films as well as in music! How can Vinnie be a favourite actor of ANYONE?!
Oh my god, Stephanie Beacham saying Nic's not allowed to say 'go for a pee' but go to the bathroom. Fuck off, you snotty old cow.
£400 for a pair of socks! Man of the people Vinnie Jones. YES! Alex said it. Go Alex! 'I couldn't hit an old man'. Go Ivana: 'I can't take any more of this boxing bullshit!' If Alex and Dane team up they could take Vinnie DOWN!
Lawks, these highlights are slow tonight! Dane's piss isn't that exciting!
Where is the shopping list this year? I've yet to see Vinnie lording it over the chalkboard. Dane and Alex were like teenagers waiting for their dinner. The giggling was quite pathetic.
I wonder what Ivana thinks of the other housemates? She's a bit inscrutible.
I like Jonas' cardigan, he's cute. I'm glad Dane picked Jonas to go to the secret place. He appreciates it!
Vinnie going 'who me?' when they said he was bound to win was tragic. He's been swanning round like a winner since day one. Vinnie's ego knows no bounds. IMAGINE him being beaten by Alex. Just imagine it. Vote Alex and Dane, let's crush Vinnie's spirits!
Vinnie joking about knocking the shit' out of a pensioner! What a hero!
10.50pm and the housemates have been asleep for an hour?! WTF? They are sleeping like 12 hour nights! It's a joke! This better not be allowed to happen in the civillian version.
MARIO KART! Sweet. Now that is a treat. Jonas was right for that treat because he likes games. It was nice seeing him go to sleep with a smile on his face!

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