Sunday, 10 January 2010

Celebrity Big Brother 7: I'm quite picky

Basshunter is so earnest! Even if I fancied him initially (which I didn't), I'd be scared off in ten seconds with how intense he is. I don't know how Kat is putting up with him.
Vinnie likes that handbook, doesn't he? Haha, Stephanie's carrier bag tip. I think I like Ivana a bit. She's quite sharp.
Ooh that Punto advert always makes me think of Desperate Guys by The Faint. I'm sick of the adverts now. Please fix my aerial, landlord. Eww, run over ginger child advert. Me no likey.
I want to hate Nicola T but I can't be bothered to feel one way or another about her. I expected she would be at odds with Sov and Kat but everyone gets along quite well.
What is Heidi and Ivana's relationship? I can't figure it out. Does Heidi want to leave because Ivana arrived? I don't want Heidi to leave. I'm surprised Stephanie likes Heidi so much because they are so different.
Basshunter rather ruined that tree of temptation thing when he fessed up about it on the first secret task, didn't he? Think BB needs to think outside the box on this one again.
It made me laugh when Alex beat up the snowman. I think Ivana's got her eye on him.
That chlamydia advert gets on my wick too, specifically the 'just pee in a pot' bit. So it's not one where they stick a steel rod up your winkie then? Either way, I don't wanna know.
No Baldwin in BB until 33 mins in! Wow, that would be so funny if Alex dumped Jordan for Ivana! I'd love to see her face!
I like Katia's hat. 'It's showbiz' isn't the romantic statement I've ever heard from Basshunter. I find him quite physically repulsive. Kat: 'I'm quite picky'; from someone who went from Ronnie Wood to Basshunter. You CAN control your own genitals, funnily enough. It comes in quite handy for avoiding prison sentences.
At least Jordan will know that Alex is an absolutely TERRIBLE liar with his excuses for why he was sweaty. Vinnie's sniping just makes Alex look good humoured. I wish Alex would just tell him to get a grip and stop being so pathetic.
Adverts! I see Dom Joly is on his uppers. And yes, please sign up to be an organ donor, you selfish gits.
Debate time! Here we'll get to the bottom of the big issues. Basshunter: 'War is shit.' Alex: 'I'd like to be rich and ignorant.' Hmm.
I can't believe Vinnie is really on this show asking for some benediction. Could he really give a shit what the public think? But then, what are his motives? I just don't trust him, and I don't buy him saying Alex is OK, because his actions say otherwisde. But it was interesting to see him open up a little.
Stephanie calling Kat an orchid, then slipping in parasite at the end! I'd rethink that bitch label if I were you.
Housemates! Stay up later. The live feed is rather dull when you go to bed at midnight. Thanks.


* (asterisk) said...

I wondered if Ivana and Heidi had history, then S told me that Heidi's brother died a couple days before CBB started, so I guess that's why he heart isn't in it.

Not sure the housemates will get to read your final plea.

MrCeleb said...

I have to say I refuse to see what value Heidi adds to the big brother house so I hope that her and Sov get the chop this Friday?

Who would be your ideal Candidate for the Chop?

* (asterisk) said...

I hope Kat goes. But I like Sov and Heidi. Forced to choose, I'd keep Sov of these three.