Saturday, 16 January 2010

Celebrity Big Brother 7: I'd have been upset giving them titties up too

Watched a bunch of Sov prattling on the live feed last night and basically saw her dig her own grave. Just because you survived one eviction, doesn't mean you have a 'fan-base'. It doesn't even have to mean you're liked. She also turned up her chavometer to eleven, and just came across like the kind of idiot you'd cross the street to avoid, not through any sort of fear, but just heartfelt embarrassment.
Anyway, on with the show. It's the Steph and Vinnie hour again! God, Steph is is so vile in the way she speaks about people: 'Sov is not the quality of human being I want to speak to'- did she not pass the etiquette test? Such snobbery! Just say you don't like her, don't denounce her like that. LOL to Vinnie tripping over the couch. Silly bugger.
Kat's last ditch snuggle was rather sad. I'm sorry to see her go, because I like romance in the house, even if it's fauxmance. I'm a sucker.
Vinnie's kitchen tyranny is getting excessive. 'Standards have dropped'! Cop yourself on, man. You're in a game show, not the army.
I wish I could sleep through anything like Heidi! I definitely couldn't sleep through that alarm.
Nicola: 'is it back on?' Oh god, she's so unsubtle. She's a disaster if you're trying to engage in some subterfuge in there.
Dane reminiscing on his Another Level days! You weren't that good. Didn't you do 'let me lick you up and down til you say stop'? STOP!
Why does Sov even have to ask if she can eat an egg? Who put Vinnie in charge? Watching the way he and Steph are going on makes me ALMOST glad Sov stayed just to wind them up.
Do we have to look so closely at Sov's boobs? They aint all that. She's NOT sexy. Mind you, nor is Nicola T. There's very little eye candy for either sex in that house this year. And it's a very white, old, straight house. Where's the trannies? Even the cross-dressers are being forced to pray! It's bullshit.
Fuck me, are we still going on about that corned beef? Sov is a spoilt little dick. She's just a useless human being, it's tiring. Who saved her? The trouble is, I hate the opposing side, too!
Oh I'm so relieved that Vinnie is back in his rightful place in the kitchen! We can all sleep tonight!
Yeah you are a little div, Nicola, but you don't need to be subservient to Vinnie just because he's a bit of a bully, or has a dick. You're a valid human being too, if only you knew it.
Interesting hearing Ivana talk about her marriage. It's quite a 'grown-up' Big Brother this year, isn't it? I guess they worked out the audience is all about 30 now.
Vinnie, stop being a food monitor. What IS Steph's problem with Sov? Not ONE redeeming quality? Come on! I don't like her, but that's a bit strong. She's not a nasty person, she's just immature. Again, getting gladder Sov stayed just to wind her up!
Bye Kat. I'll miss your little hair flower. Wow, they started slating her the second she left (especially Vinnie). Real nice. Poor Jonas. She didn't sleep in the bed with him, she just gave him a cud in the morning. Oh Vinnie, just shut the fuck up! You're a cunt! Can't they all just show some sensitivity? Ha, I like Sisqo, he's funny.
Heidi: 'I'm gonna win this thing.' Cut to her walking out the door.
I don't blame Sov for celebrating when she stayed in. I think anyone would have. She did do well to see of Heidi, who was a strong character. I think general convention is you all congratulate the person on staying. No such luck here!
Steph and Vinnie were just staring daggers at her. What gay card is coming out? DOES it have a rainbow on it? What 'peoples' are supporting Sov, the underage-lesbian chav society? It's hard to feel sympathy for either side. It's just like a wanker-flavoured sandwich. Sov shouldn't be such a tool, and they should be a bit more grown up. Problem solved.
Oh God, not more Basshunter songs. Come on Ivana, rave it up in your big furry coat. Her dancing ruled! I like Ivana, she has a bit of fun. Oh god, that thong-thong-thong-thong!
Jonas makes me cringe. His heart isn't so much on his sleeve as splattered all over his face.
No, Stephanie, the audience don't like antagonism. And (hopefully) that's why Vinnie won't win it. Anyone to win over him. Even Baldwin!
Vinnie is stirring up hate against Sov! And trying to influence nominations. Put him up! He looks like a fucking market trader in that hat, which let's be honest, is what he should be. He's just one lucky talentless bastard.
Basshunter and Sov missing Kat already! Funny. Oh God, Jonas, get a grip, you're really making a twat of yourself. You deserve a lot better! More falling over! Hehe.
Oh, here's a bit of what I saw last night with Sov drunkenly talking about herself for an hour or two. I swear, Sisqo was trying to help her and she just wasn't listening.
If I was the battle, baby you have won the war- it's the wisdom of Courtney. Ha, they cut out the bit after Sisqo said 'david and goliath' and Sov went 'that's where I bought my pajama bottoms from'. I have the same pajama bottoms as her but I don't want to wear them right now, she's put me right off 'em. Bad advertisement!
What did we learn tonight? Not much we didn't already know.

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