Saturday, 23 January 2010

Celebrity Big Brother 7: Sing, Beacham, sing!

'Will you miss Ivana, Stephanie?' 'No' would have sufficed. I've seen less skirting around an issue on Question Time.
Another convert to Stephen's crew, just as he walks out the door! Will BB give them the Bibbles? Probably not, it's not in their contract.
Stephanie would miss the Bible but not you, Stephen! Take your Dot Cotton philosophies away back to Baldwin manor. Praise the Lord!
Song time in BB bedroom. Someone tried to do me ache! That's what I'm afraid of. Could this be the new Insania? It doesn't ache you, it hurts you! Argh, it's like trying to reason with Molko all over again.
I think I preferred the old Stephanie. I reckon they're going to burst into Kumbayah in a minute.
I didn't like Nicola having a go at Sisqo, I can't be arsed with her. I don't get why they all don't like Sisqo so much. He seems a lot more reasonable than them.
Flat pack challenge! Vinnie is going to shit no being able to look at those instructions. He is such an aggressive arsehole, the way he stomps around is wholly unpleasant.
There's a lot of back-biting going on in that house at the moment. Many a true word spoken in jest, says the cliche generator.
I'm feeling a little 'begruntled'! Oh Dane, I'm afraid you've got your lickle wordies mixed up!
God, Vinnie is such a fucking STIRRER! Get that guy a wooden spoon and his bus fair home, I can't stand it anymore! He has totally ruined this series for me. I'd rather have Gazza weeping and drinking in there.
Alex: 'I've been syndicated!' Bless him. Yeah, Alex give it to Vinnie! Give it to him! Haha, then Ivana got stuck in.
Sisqo SMILED when he heard 'get Stephen out'! Mean! Stephen got cheered, I don't care what they say. Oh sorry for booing, Vinnie, you don't CONTROL THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE YOU CUNT.
Was Ivana happy to stay? It's hard to tell with her face. Alex going 'in your face' as he left! I've never heard such a thing.
Vinnie's arrogance is really going into the Rex stratosphere now. I so hope he's digging his own grave here. I think even Steph was backing off from it a bit. He even told Ivana to sling her hook.
What is Annabels?! I want to go there.
Why is Nicola so far up Vinnie's arse today? I can't stand it!
Ivana got jealous when Stephanie was getting a massage of Alex! I don't think he was putting his back into it, to be honest. Then he nearly whipped her wig off.
Alex looked scared when Nicola was probing him. Dane is a little bitter. Mind you, it would be a little weird; he did go out with Jordan for 2 years.
I don't mind Alex; he's barely managed to cobble together a personality, but he's harmless enough. Wouldn't it be funny to see Alex beat Vinnie though? Can you imagine Vinnie's face?
Do the right thing; vote for anyone else except the V man. Pip pip!

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