Thursday, 29 September 2011

Big Brother 2011 - Wine whines

The houseguests are not respecting those fixtures and fittings! Tom and Maisy moaning about being fat is rather tiresome. Tom is borderline anorexic.
Pet suckers! How did they fall for that one? Faye probably does treat her pets like that, she treats her men worse.
A science lesson with Heaven and Aden. I think she must have said melanin about seventy-five times then. Lol to Harry and Jay trying to order wine gums and Heaven ordering avocado. Hopefully Heaven won't be around to eat the avocado. What sort of person takes chocolate OFF a shopping list? This show has been quite boring so far.
My friend just pointed out that the show might be suffering from a lack of Rebeckah. She's right. There's barely any tension, just pranks and people talking shit.
If in doubt, force drink down their throats. Then they'll have an argument. Maisy, taking something that doesn't belong to her that she doesn't even want? Never.
Louise looks drunk! How many drinks does she have to have before she succumbs to Jay's 'charms'?
God, there's so much tittle-tattle in that house! Anton is chief shit stirrer. How can he say 'it wasn't me' wearing a hat that said 'wasn't me'. Faye feels victimised. I wish someone would really give her something to moan about. Also, what's she wearing, a leotard and harem pants? Also, why is Faye all chummy with Maisy? Maisy has a boyfriend yet snogged the man Faye fancied, just for a laugh.
Don't be shady over a bit of wine! Faye's sitting in the corner crying. It's not exactly Fight Night is it? Jay would never leave a man behind on the Big Brother battlefield.
Harry to Mark: 'your advice is somewhat unorthodox at times.' Brilliant.
Don't refer to yourself as a 'bird', Louise, it's self-hating.
Faye: 'I'm the most [insert word here] person in the house.' Why have you got a love bit on your neck? How does Faye get away with the way she acts towards everyone? She sucks the oxygen out of a room.
Sorry this blog is shit, but blame C5. Right, I'm off to Amsterdam. Save Aaron and see you Monday.

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