Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Big Brother 2011 - I know exactly which cake I'm going for

How's your day been? I started mine by crashing my car. I'd like to say it got better; it didn't. Perhaps BB can cheer me up? This yes/no game looks like it might have potential.
I liked Alex going 'I know exactly which cake I'm going for'. My kinda girl.
Harry's 'I voted for her twice' is one of the best lines in Big Brother this series. The po faces! Can't they take a joke?
Jay has got tattoos on his KNEES! Ouchy.
What is Faye upset about? Is it because she's a boring bastard? Alex's spray tan task was quite funny. I like Alex! I think she'll like being orange. I've seen people look more orange in Heat magazine. I love Harry laughing at it. I like Harry loads these days! If only he wasn't a bloodthirsty toff.
My cat just unplugged the telly. Thanks!
Aaron, I don't think your little boy is going to want a manky old cake you've frozen. Don't get excited about it. Christ, if Jedward were in there you'd have something to complain about. Why aren't BB showing us the instigators? Oh, it was Maisy. Cakegate! I don't think Aaron is accepting this apology. I don't think Maisy could give a shit, to be honest. Why is she groping her own bosoms? There's not much there to speak of. I do like her hair, though. I wonder how she gets it like that.
I love the fact they gave Anton a bright orange electric shock task outfit. What? I hear you ask, they're wheeling out that old electric shock task again? Yes. Yes, they are.
I've realised who Maisy reminds me of. She's just Peaches "spoilt shit" Geldof, isn't she? Like we needed another one!
Oh, I've gone off Harry now he didn't do that task. Cop out! Foxhunting scum. Not risking your reputation? You're on Big Brother, you knob! Punish him!
Why did Rebeckah choose Mark for that task? She should have chosen Harry as it would have been more realistic after he said no. I liked it when she said 'oops' and did an evil cackle. She's brilliantly bad.
Aaron: 'he's in there and he's wearing mainly orange.' Mmm, who could that be? I'd much rather see Aaron get with Louise than Faye.
When is BB going to fix it for Rebeckah to stay? They cannot afford to lose her now! Sort it aht.

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