Thursday, 22 September 2011

Big Brother 2011 - I'm a 19 year old boy! *blub*

Two blogs in a row? My fingers hurt. I also write all day for my job. No wonder I'm so fat. Mind you, get your money's worth out of me, as there'll be no BB blogs Friday and Saturday. I'm going to a conference (whoop!) so I'm going to miss the Rebeckah/ Heaven eviction! Nooooo. I promise to do a big catch up on Sunday or Mon at the latest, if I'm half dead on Sun, which I might be after lots of smiling and running about. Come on, wait for me. It's not like I'm on death row.
I like Tom's policy on 'barber shop banter'. Anyone who likes talking to their hairdresser or enjoys going to the hairdresser is a freak. I don't blame him for not getting his hair cut off. In BBUSA Muslim heartthrob Kaysar had to shave his head for a task and I didn't fancy him anymore. It ruined the next next few... well days, before he got voted out (again).
I don't blame Faye for not getting that tattoo either. I reckon Jay would have done it, though.
I like Alex and Tom's relationship. Why does Rebeckah talk in such an enunciated way? It's like she's talking to a toddler.
LOL to Alex 'I didn't change my quilt for seven months, but I febreezed it.' Just as good!
Aden has actually got a bit of a problem now, hasn't he, it's gone from cute, puppy love to a bit obsessive. Rebecca is ENJOYING his pain! Man, she is evil.
I know BB wants Rebeckah to stay this week, but killing Heaven via bungee jump isn't on. I've done a lot of stupid things in my time, but you wouldn't catch me doing that fucker, It should be illegal in my opinion. Either way, Heaven gets a good edit out of it.
What is that willy willy willy song they do? I heard them sing a pussy pussy pussy one once so at least they're equal opportunities. Mind you, that's not getting as much airtime.
Ooh Aden is getting foot rub rage. You're NOT HER BOYFRIEND, Aden. You could be a stalker, though. Aden's not letting it get to him. He's all good. Yeah, right.
Aden on Maisy: 'trust me if I wanted to, I could get Maisy.' Not in this lifetime, kiddo. God, he sounds like such a prick when he's talking to Anton. He's like a different person.
I like the evilness of BB threatening to show the nominations. They should have gone for it, that would have been AMAZING TV.
I like Tom's haircut. This envelope is going to have '1' written on it, isn't it? Ah, they passed! Boo.
Aden is being SUCH a muppet. He's REALLY immature. Maisy is crying because Aden said she had a spot. Spotgate! LOL. Get a grip, Maisy. Was that Aden 'putting the moves' on Maisy. yeah she's going to be in bed with him before you know it with chat up lines like that.
Rebeckah is thrilled that Maisy is upset. Ha, Maisy fancies him, says Rebeckah. She can't fucking stand him.
Harry and Jay's clothes swap was quite funny, I would have liked to have seen that in the Diary Room.
How does Maisy get her hair like that? I want her hair. If we had live feed we could unravel this mystery.Is the camera zooming in on Maisy like that so we can see her spots?
She looked like she was going to laugh when Aden started blubbing. Then she looked like she was going to fall asleep. I think she's pissed. I think they're both pissed.
Aden doesn't care about Rebeckah's past? That's big of him. Was she asking for his approval? God, he's making such a dick of himself.
What's got up Faye's nose? I can't STAND her. Talk about flying off the handle for no reason. I like Tom! Aw to Alex counselling him. Fight! Fight! Fight! How much have they had to drink? Heaven is being stupid. OMG Rebeckah you're NOT A COUNSELLOR! STOP SAYING IT! You give Samaritans a bad name.
On an unrelated note, see you at the end of the weekend. Vote to save Rebeckah! Do it on FB, it's only 7p. Miss you.

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