Friday, 16 September 2011

Big Brother 2011 - You're not the one for me, Tashie

So will Tashie go tonight? Or will the vote to save pay off?
I never knew what those bits on top of the toaster were for, either. Is that what a private school education gets you?
Can't Harry get those gnashers sorted out with some of his milkshake spoils? Imagine them looming up at you for a snog. Have you seen that film Teeth?
Shopping list: 100 cans of lager and 100 cans of cider. That's the way to do it!
Aaron pining over Louise is fairly boring. She's not biting!
Tashie's boyfriend looks quite normal. Strange.
I'm not surprised no one noticed Alex walking round because no one even speaks to her. I'm just agog someone really did borrow her lipstick, even I wouldn't touch that colour (alright, I would). She's not stupid though; pretending to look for something is a good ruse.
Heaven biscuit gate! Stop scoffing! Check her bed for crumbs. Faye: 'we think you're a nice person but we don't want you to start making enemies in the house.' Veiled threat much? I don't like Faye. She's got nothing going for her except that body, she's a personality dearth. Woman cannot trade on body alone.
Heaven is being a nutter. Odd one out? You'd have to be completely sane to be the odd one out in that place. Rebeckah giving advice on how to come across. It's like getting PR advice from Rose West. No, worse, Heather Mills.
I like Aaron's dissing of Rebeckah. She's just an opinion in place of a personality.
My God. Have they never seen two boys kiss before? I've never heard such a ruckus. They should go down Popstarz, get a real shock.
LOL Tashie looked so shocked to be going. How could the public not LOVE her? She's such a GENUINE person! It's a shame really, as she definitely had a lot more mileage in her. I'd have much rather seen Heaven go this week. I'm not sure Tashie is going to be able to cope with the rejection. Quick, Tashie, call Samaritans, but do it whilst Rebeckah is still in the house, just in case you get her on the phone.
Shit this blog is more threadbare than Faye's personality, so I'd better post this and the eviction interview together. That's interesting, they weren't having two shows for eviction on the celeb version.
Time passes. I do not watch The Batchelor. I feed the cats. I watch a bit of Claire Richards: Slave to Food (note: that Steps reuinion show looks like it could be worth a blog). I like her body. I don't think she looks bad. This obsession with her having to look a certain way is subjugating. She's pretty and cute and fine as she is. Imagine this show but with a man in it, instead of her. Unthinkable. I make another vodka. And we're back!
Am I starting to like Aaron? That can't be right. Oh well, the arrogance of being saved from eviction will put pay to that. Louise has got THAT hat on again.
Ta-ra Tashie. First out. You know who Maisy reminds me of? That Emily idiot who thought it was a good idea to use the N word in the house. But without liking indie music.
Aw, poor Tashie. How could you keep booing when she looks so sad? I like her glittery shoes. Her figure looks good, too. At least being brainless means you can spend a lot of time at the gym without getting bored and wanting to go do something intellectual instead (the best excuse EVER for being fat, I think you'll agree).
Does Brian go 'it's all panto' like Davina used to or has he got his own little spiel? I want to make a comment about Tashie's nose, but you can't help what your nose looks like. Except she had a nose job. Bullying... dodgy nose jobs... it's like Jodie Marsh all over again.
Did Aaron snog Tom to stay in? That didn't get my vote.
Tashie telling us what we'll see in the edit tomorrow. You don't control the edit! You can barely control your own thought pattern.
Where did your 'positive energy' get you tonight, Tashie? A seat next to Nikki Grahame/ Victor/ Pete burns on BOTS.
'I wasn't in the house long enough for you to see all my Disney characters.' That was one close shave.
I hope Tashie watches the whole show back and thinks 'how embarrassing' because it will help her become a more well-rounded person. That was a bit mean saying they didn't give Pammy her number.
it's not romantic for your boyfriend to say 'if you fall in love with someone in the house, I'll be happy for you'. It means he's trying to bin you.
The biggest gain tonight is the hit to Maisy's group of harridans.
LOL they are doing a parting message, like in BBUSA, but in BBUSA the parting message is from the other housemates to the evicted one, saying FU.
Mark will NEVER win this show. NEVER! God, this message is interminable. Next time, just send a postcard to PO Box I-don't-give-a-fuck. Night night!

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