Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Big Brother 2011 - Martyr-dumb

Anton. Repeat after me: I am not Slick Vic. I am not Slick Vic. Cos you see... you've got no charm.
Oh Jesus, are we going to have to go through kissgate all day today as well? Maisy is quite heartless, she doesn't give a shit about Aaron, just her shoes.
Tom is taking it a bit far, now. You're not his boyfriend! Seriously, relax. Why aren't they playing the alarm to get Aaron out of bed? I bet they never play the alarm anymore. They only need a couple of hour's footage, so they only need them awake a few hours.
Why does Aaron have to say sorry? He's not in a polygamous relationship with Tom and Faye. Maisy looks like she couldn't give a shit if Aaron lived or died. Aaron is not helping himself either, his martyrdom act is getting a bit hammy.
Anton is talking about the tax-free £100K winnings! Don't clear any space in your bank account, mate, because there's more chance of Jay running the country than you getting your hand on that green.
Maisy, don't go into counselling, you're not exactly warm. Bet you Maisy nominates Aaron! Aaron is making himself such an easy target sulking in bed. They WANT to send you home! Stop inviting them to.
OK, I'll confess, Mark has made me laugh two or three times in the past two days. But let's never speak of it again.
If Aaron doesn't pull himself together he is going to get voted out. OMG Aaron called Tom 'a disgusting person.' Harsh! Oh fucking hell, stop going on about going home. Just walk if you feel like that!
This is getting really fucking boring now. Tom, you owe Aaron an apology for saying you were gonna smack him in the face.
Nom noms! I know who's up (thanks, Digital Spy). Good nominations, Alex, voting for Anton and Aden. My thoughts exactly.
Anton voted for Aaron out of JEALOUSY! You got beat. Accept it. Aden voting for Heaven? Shocker!
Faye, what did you have for breakfast? Sour grapes? You nagging old shrew! I pity the man you finally ensnare.
Hmm, I wonder why Maisy doesn't like Louise? Is it because she's stunning? I wonder. Maisy was lucky not to be up this week. I'd like to have seen her shown the door.
Interesting that everyone says Aden's changed. Mark's nominations might as well have been scripted.
Interesting no one nominated Harry! He's well under the radar now. Floaters (don't) grab a life-vest.
All Maisy cares about is being desired, and she doesn't care who she hurts along the way. She's about as sensitive as a Coke can.
I don't know why Aaron is bothering to appease Faye. I'd drown her in the pool if I was in there.
Is ANYTHING ELSE going to happen in this episode? FFS. Can we have a bit of comedy or a task or something? Anything?
Faye: 'I want you to stay, I don't want you to go.' Why did you nominate him then? Also, what is that jumper Aaron is wearing?
That hug between Aaron and Maisy was super uncomfy. They SHOULD have had sex for all the grief it caused!
I thought Aaron was quite cold with Tom at the end. I think he is a bit of a emotional headfucker, like Rebeckah (I wrote it again!) in a way. But still, save him! Let's show Heaven the door this week. Negative energy! I should coco.

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