Sunday, 4 September 2011

Celebrity Big Brother - Nomance

I am really shocked that they are going on about Lucien and Amy in front of Kerry. I thought Amy would be too embarrassed. Kerry is well within her rights to be annoyed, I think. Lucien is a total PLAYA. I think he has behaved disgustingly. And you can say he's a free agent or whatever, but it's HIM who created that situation and trampled on people's feelings, and I don't like that.
Bobby on Amy and Lucien: WTF does 'you properly popped in' mean? Honestly, the way they go on about women is gross. So did they snog or what?!
Did I just hear Jedward slag someone off?! Shock. I want to see them show their teeth a bit. Am I going to have to hear about this Amycien shit all day. Kerry's fake humour over the whole situation is so transparent. I wouldn't even pretend to be OK with it.
It's nice seeing Jedward separated. I fee like Big Brother has done us a disservice this year by not letting us get to know them individually. I feel quite embarrassed that I still can't tell them apart.
Is Darryn short? He seems to have short man syndrome. Talk about a frustrated z-lister. This highlights episode has been quite duff so far.
It's not hard to learn the lyrics to one Take That song. I liked John's body popping. Darryn's cod piece looked quite... empty.
I wish I could just see them sitting round having a chat. So tired of having these tasks foisted upon me like some unwanted STD.
The girl band was a lot better than the boy band, though. Hard to believe Kerry and Edward were/ are professional singers. They are showing about 15 minutes too much of this task. have they really got no other footage?
Darryn covered in baby oil? Fetch me my matches. Do they leave Jedward alone cooking? I wouldn't trust Jedward to make a cheese sandwich.
My God, this episode has been SO BORING. It's actually been painful to watch. This nomance is useless. Jedward eating a frozen banana is much more riveting.
Amy is actually quite manipulative. She's put pay to Kerry and Lucien and now walking away like 'what did I do?' She looked irked when Kerry said he was a baby.
Do you think Darryn has ever had a lasting relationship with a woman? He has no respect for or understanding of women.
I don't think I've ever been less interested in a BB showmance. Amy Childs and her idea of what's sexy or fanciable is just empty and tragic, pouting into the mirror with her straggly hair and mask of make up. Lucien wants what he can't get, until he gets it. It's just empty.
I kind of like Kerry's dowdy hairband and the way she's just sitting around in her pyjamas. She seems quite unaffected by it all.
Really bad highlights show, and a bad omen if they're going to focus on this sort of shit in the highlights. Please, someone, stop the rot!

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