Sunday, 18 September 2011

Big Brother 2011 - They mightn't be giants

Tell off times! They've been gathered on the sofa for a damn good telling off. Mattress abuse will not be stood for. Respect the mattress at all times. It's in the rule book.
If I was in there I wouldn't really care less about having no hot water or no hairdryers. Even no alcohol I could deal with for a couple of weeks. Ah, I see. It's just an excuse to show people naked in the shower.
Heaven is on planet bullshit merchant talking about giants from other planets. Harry: 'did you get this from Waterstones or a more specialist shop?'
Popcorn chicken! Did I get the joke? I get bored of popcorn after a couple of fistfuls. I think this is an endurance task but I can't really tell as they don't explain it properly.
This is quite a dull highlights episode. My cat chewing and kicking the shit out of the rolled-up rug is more entertaining.
What do they win if they pass this task? As usual we don't know, so we can't invest in it. Well done Big Brother!
Seems like they're constantly asleep in that house. No wonder BB isn't giving us live feed.
All these pranks and trashing the house is all quite juvenile. It's entertaining to a point but there's way to much of it and I feel it's to detriment of any intellectual conversation that might be happening in the house (!) You and I both know it will all end in tears.
My cat has torn a whole in the bottom of the sofa and is now thudding around inside it. Stick a camera in there, it'll probably be better value.
I'm glad Heaven is onto Rebeckah. I'd like to see a Heaven vs Rebeckah eviction. This task is gross. They're allowed toilet breaks? Rubbish. Make 'em suffer.
Harry won immunity. I don't think he would have been up this week anyway. What a boring eposide! My boyfriend just said 'what on earth did you find to write about?' My cats, mainly.

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