Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Celebrity Big Brother - Rejection is one thing...

Still can't believe the girlband lost that task. But can believe even less we're still on this fucking task. Get a new idea already.
What's with the band getting to share their cooked breakfast with the 'have nots'. Surely that defeats the object. Where are the BOUNDARIES! Get the rulebook out, for Christ's sake.
Talking of Christ, why has Paddy got such a dislike for Amy? What about the appalling way Lucien treated Kerry? Paddy is quite sexist. I suppose I have to just eat it up and go 'well, it's his culture.' Fuck that.
Jedward have only got a couple of thousand hardcore fans? I thought they'd have a few more than that. Mind you, depends what hardcore means, I suppose. Jedward's number one fan must be pleased she got a mention. Darryn looked jealous, I think he's got a taste for the boyband life.
It looks kind of fun sleeping in the garden. I think they're having more fun than the indoor peeps.
I didn't like the way Paddy was talking about his wife, either.
Edward: 'I'm wondering what John is thinking?' Aw that's cute. He doesn't like having to think about other people's feelings. Yeah, weird other people! Sod them! That was the sweetest thing ever. So he uses John as a barrier. Is he the weaker twin? I wish I had a bit longer to find out now they're actually giving them their own edit. I like Edward best now! John must be the cocky one, or maybe it's just this task making him seem that way. Are we going to see all those autographs on ebay now? They're just flogging their CD again, aren't they?
Amy has made Edward look like Patrick Wolf after a bender. Hope he throws a mic stand at Darryn next.
Amy just realised she's an adult at 23. Sad, isn't it?
Can you imagine all this misogynistic banter uncut on live feed? I bet it's a shocker to listen to. Bobby, why are you still there? You're like plankton, but with a bit of a personality problem, like Plankton in Spongebob Squarepants, then.
They never used to give them spirits to drink in Big Brother. Irresponsible C5. Lucien giving Amy the brush off whilst trying to get a straw into his hateful gob. LOL at her 'don't worry, I'll be drunk in a minute'. Best mates? Ouch.
Lucien looked proper miffed. Rejection is one thing, but rejection from a fool is cruel. It's got to hurt his precious little ego. The little shit was proper seething when Bobby said he was only 19. You could tell Kerry recognised the signs off 'angry little man about to pop' as she looked wary.
If Jedward did that shit with the M&Ms there'd be hell to pay!
Was nice when Paddy was saying he could let his guard down in the BB house. I think my guard would be right up on TV, personally. Was cute that he was happy people were shouting his name. I'm really torn on him, because I think he is a decent bloke, but I just don't agree with a lot of his views. A leopard can't change it's colours. Unless you paint it.
Lucien: 'you've made me feel like a muppet'. Is it that gross jumper you're wearing? I like the way Amy just ignored him. Why shouldn't Amy flirt with him? Lucien flirts with Kerry non-stop. SUCH double standards. Breathtaking levels of double standards.
Lucien's got his Big Brother brain on (t.m. the Irrepressible Dark Horse). It's so rich him having a go at Amy for leading him on when he's been doing nothing but lead people on in that house. Kerry just buried her feelings, he wants to hang his dirty laundry all over the Big Brother garden. Well, that's his choice. Be a man about it! (There, that's sexist)
At the same time, Amy is manipulative. She knows full well what she's doing. But they're both as bad as each other. Amy says they're being watched by 8 million people. Who's going to tell her?
Lucien fancies Amy because people 'put things in his head'. No. he just thinks he's SUPPOSED to fancy her. I don't think he even fancied her!
Bobby castigating Amy for mixed signals. WHAT ABOUT LUCIEN'S MIXED SIGNALS? Oh, but he's 19, he's a player. HE'S A MAN.
Lucien, Disneyland Paris is better than Disneyland Florida. I've been to both.
Is Amy going to sleep with false eyelashes on? Prick tease! *irony*
You know, sometimes someone gets off with someone and then realises they don't fancy them. That's life. Maybe he's a really shit kisser. Maybe he's got really bad breath? Or (more likely) maybe she just wants some orange Neanderthal man. I'm sure Alex Ried will be available in six months or so. Can we all move on now?


Anonymous said...

How can u say that about Alex reid u cruel cunt, leave him and Chantelle b they r TRUE SOULMATES. I hiope you die cunt

lightupvirginmary said...

I didn't even say anything BAD about him! I like Alex Reid, you imbecile.