Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Big Brother 2011 - Who's gonna lie when there's a house full of cameras?

Chicks before dicks! OMG I take it all back. I bet in an earlier blog we'd hear 'bros before hos' now I'm hearing chicks before dicks! To all men: I apologise. I've never even HEARD of the phrase 'chicks before dicks'. Sexist in BOTH directions! Genius.
Rebeckah, you DID say Heaven was eating the biscuits. Rebeckah was the FIRST to eat a biscuit. You're taking the mick. Having said that I can't believe we're still talking about biscuits a week later. Is this what my life is for?
Come on, Jay, call Rebeckah out! Come on! 'I can't remember.' What a cop out. She's got them well trained, hasn't she? Rebeckah is lying to Jay's FACE. I respect him for covering for her in a way, but she is a disgrace to put him in that position. OK, I'm fed up with this, now. Next!
The only person putting you in a viscous cycle of bad men is YOURSELF, Rebeckah. I can't stand women who are like 'all men are bastards' or 'I like bad boys'. With that attitude you get everything you deserve, you really do.
She loves Aden, now? Oh come, come. Get a grip. Ah, I've just twigged, it's NOMINATIONS today! No wonder they're doing a quick patch-up job. Bet you a MILLION QUID Heaven and Rebeckah still nominate each other after making up. A million!
Everything's bless, yeah? Yeah. It's all good.
Nom noms! It's so easy for everyone to nominate Heaven and Rebeckah this week. They got a big target on their back! LOL to Aden nominating Tom for having a go at Rebeckah. My hero.
Bad energy in that DR today. They get through these nominations quick, don't they. Anton's noms are so contrived! Contrived, contrived, contrived. Who's more contrived out of Anton and Mark? It's hard to say, they are both acting their little socks off.
Faye is getting on my nerves! I don't like nominating! I don't like this! I don't like that! Piss off, then, dullard.
Maisy is getting a few votes! I've not really seen much of Maisy, so can't get the measure of her. I'm fairly sure she's a dick, though.
Heaven didn't nominate Rebeckah! You got played, m'dear. Jay isn't the instigator, there. Nice work, Rebeckah.
OMG Maisy is nearly up! Yay, I'd like to see Maisy go. I don't want Heaven or Rebeckah to go now, really. Not this week.
Bless Jay, he's quite an innocent thing, really. Maisy's nominations completely at odds with the rest of the house, I love it.
Rebeckah nominating Jay for 'causing trouble'. Hilarious. Oh, Rebeckah, please watch the tapes when you get out and realise why you got the worst booing in Big Brother history, because it's going to happen. You need to take a good hard look at yourself, and get some therapy fast.
Ha, Rebeckah is no fool, she still nominated Heaven. Perfect!
Heaven vs Rebeckah! This is going to be a good one. Aaron received NO nominations this week? He turned that round pretty well. Anton received no nominations?! WHY!? Describing women as 'loose' or 'respectful'- what a highly DISRESPECTFUL categorisation, if I may say so.
I didn't like Faye and Tom teasing Aaron. Go back to Louise again! Why is Faye digging him out? He wasn't even interested in her a few days ago.
LOL check out the body language when Faye asked Aaron if he was bi! His leg started going like the fucking clappers! 'Never say never' equals 'I'm bi.' In fact bi's are generally quite straight up, I'm calling closet case.
I think a woman being bi and a man being bi is a bit different, as a man has to make more of a commitment to be bi, plus socially it's less 'acceptable' and you MUST BE GAY (oh hold on, I just made that generalisation!). It's quite easy for a woman to to snog another woman with no feelings involved and no eyebrows raised. Either way, I'd rather see Aaron and Tom in bed than Aaron and Faye, so get on with it.
I wouldn't say you're unpopular, Rebeckah, but if Hitler was on the block with you, I still couldn't call the eviction percentages. She's got a defence mechanism in place of a personality.
LOL to Harry calling Heaven's nominations 'idiotic'. Er, Heaven, you're not meant to tell people who you nominated.
I really want Heaven to go over Rebeckah as literally half my blog will disappear is Rebeckah's not in there (and 80% of my titles). Save Rebeckah! Can you really be bothered to vote to save Heaven? Come on, let's stick it to her and her positive energy! Let the evilness remain!

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