Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Big Brother 2011 - Is it?

I'm a bit pissed off cos I watched Bit On the Side last night and now I know who's up for nomination. Spoilerised myself good. Won't do that again.
Are they waking up to Fool's Gold? Well, makes a change from The Saturdays.
Look at Louise flossing her teeth. Do you know ANYONE who regularly flosses their teeth? I can barely be fucked to brush mine. But that's English people for you. It's not just me, is it? Shit.
Do you want to look at my knob? No, not really. This conversation is super weird. Is that what men talk about in the showers? Makes me pine for Jedward in the bath.
You can say 'describing words'. And I'm a writer, so that will be the last word on the matter.
Why is Anton so thick when he went to private school? What did he learn there exactly? His mum should ask for her money back. Name and shame the school!
It's weird that the three most irritating people are immune from eviction but good for the show.
Aden 'when I lost my cape Tom wasn't there and it hurt my feelings.' Fucking hell, man. Think about what you just said. What a sad sack.
What DOES Alex do? Doesn't she work in McDonalds? Anton: 'this is not fakeality TV.' Wanna bet? You've been practicing that soundbite since before your auditions, I suspect. Anton nominating the other men. Did he not learn the difference between 'wary' and 'weary' at private school?
Faye looks dowdy today. I've not seen much of her personality yet. I hope she's got one.
Yay to Jay nominating Harry for hunting. Eat what you kill! Eat.Kill. Eat. Kill. Murder! (tm. Moz)
I think I hate the Wolfpack and like Louise and Aaron and that side. Even though I don't really like them, I don't want them to be taken out by the inane side. Support your local underdog.
Mark is getting a couple of nominations. People are seeing through his Mr Bean act a bit. I liked his nomination of Anton for eating a boiled egg, though. His other nomination seemed contrived.
Even though I agreed with Rebeckah's nomination of Harry, the way she did it was so annoying. And how can Aaron make you feel like a piece of shit? Just fuck him off. It's all your shit, Rebeckah, no one else's. She's got more baggage than a handbag museum.
Tashie: 'Harry's comments have made me feel uncomfortable about being a woman.' Christ!
I'm glad Harry got nominated for foxhunting, though, serves him right. But you can't even foxhunt no more! I do think it was a bit of a cop out vote, though. I like Aaron as a character. I don't want him to go. I'm glad Alex isn't up but I wish Anton was up.
Fish finger gate! Tashie is such a drama queen! I wish she'd get a grip. I kind of want her to leave this week, but she is entertaining, so it's a quandary. I'm not sure I can stick her in the long term, though. I'm not really sure what Heaven did to her (nothing, I suspect). I don't think she did anything. I can see why Tashie got bullied at school. You don't have to answer to anyone, you idiot! Stop being such a prick!
Aw, Tom's granddad died. That sucks. I'm glad they didn't show him getting told, that would have been too exploitative. I'm glad they let him speak to his mum and dad, too. What, he can go funeral?! Not sure about that. I don't think that should be allowed, that could change the game completely. He should walk if he wants to do that. Of course, the flexi rules on contact with the outside world leave them wide open to that sort of stuff. In the old days it would have mattered because people could tell him who's favourite. But I suppose, who really cares anymore? It shouldn't be that way, though. Heaven's over the top crying was really ridiculous. It's not your bereavement, love.
Rebeckah: 'you've gone weird' to Aden, she says, going weird. She has no interest in Mark whatsoever, she's just playing him and Aden. It's working a treat, though.
Ha, Tashie actually looked shocked she was up for eviction. How could she look shocked, the way she goes on? LOL to her proper blubbing. She's lucky it's not a vote to evict or she'd be Jedward's toast tower.
Tashie is going to think of it like everyone voted for everyone. Yeah, everyone voted for everyone, but you got more than everyone else. That's how it works.
Tashie can see herself unpacking. Let's make that fantasy die! Yes, the moon is crying for you, Tashie. It's crying because someone like you actually exists. Fucking hell, does she ever put a sock in it?
Rebeckah's antics are so transparent, it's barely worth talking about. My fingers can't be bothered to rise to it!
I always thought I'd like the vote to save, but it's not been good so far. Look, if you can afford it (it's 7p on facebook, ffs, you aint that poor), just vote to save Harry and Aaron, and it's like voting to evict Tashie. I know it's a bit galling having to vote for a foxhunter, but I think if the 'wolfpack' alliance really takes hold, we're in for a hellish summer. Summer! LOL.

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