Monday, 26 September 2011

Big Brother 2011 - I'm not a bed hopping sex fiend

Oh readers, I was relying on you, and you let me down. Turned my back on you and you voted out Rebeckah. I hope you're enjoying Aden sobbing and doing mournful raps and Heaven with a newly pumped-up ego, talking about herself in the third person. I hope you're proud of yourselves!
I was glad Rebeckah didn't apologise for her behaviour, and her goodbye video was inspired. 'The rest of you pale into insignificance' - brilliant. On the bright side, I don't have to spell 'Rebeckah' like that ever again.
I did make some vague notes about the catch up episodes, but I lost most of them. From yesterday's, the main things were: what'a all the fuss about a man weeing sitting down? If Faye is that icked out by that she must be really fucking boring in bed, as well as being a dull-as-fuck housemate. Same for the wanking competition, clearly just a bit of fun, yet Alex saw fit to call it 'inappropriate'. Inappropriate? In the Big Brother house? It's like a fucking nunnery in there.
The only other thing of note was I wanted to say something about how interchangable all the romances seem. It's like anyone will get off with anyone. I liked the little exchange between Tom and Aaron yesterday; that seemed like where the genuine feelings were to me.
I also want to say: Anton is probably the biggest prick to ever walk through the Big Brother doors. Ever. EVER. Just consider that.
My boyfriend just said they should have thermal imaging in the bedroom so we can see exactly what goes on under the covers. Take note, BB.
I like Aaron, and the way he's just bumbling through this situation. Maisy gave it to him on the plate and he couldn't say no. He doesn't fancy Maisy. He doesn't really like Faye. He used to like Louise!
I don't think Faye even likes Aaron. She just wants something to cling onto. The relationships in that house are last less long than my diet plans.
Everything Faye says I disagree with. She's a dour, fun-hating, narrow-minded bore who only got in because of that body, which she's covered up every day since. Put that nice dress on again or just fuck off, because you're a waste of airtime.
God, what is such a big deal about having a cheeky snog? No one is committed to anyone on that house! it's Big Brother: get naked and run around and snog everyone! What else are you in there for?
Harry: 'that fox in London that ate that child' - is he working for the Daily Mail? *insert picture of angry fox snarling here*
All Anton ever talks about is rating the girls on a sliding scale! He's gross. He's like a 15 year old 'fingers in all the pies, literally'. Intelligent? He's barely sentient. Heaven's crab eyes rolling when Anton dished the dirt about Aaron and Maisy. Classic.
At least Tom was honest that he was jealous not like all that Kerry Katona/ Lucien bullshit. I prefer it straight up.
Loved them ripping Aaron about Maisy's age. Honestly, they've got too much time on their hands in that house. The tiniest of incidents has been blown out of all proportion. Look at them all peeking round the door! Have they never seen anyone have a snog before? Fucking hell, I've got less grief over snogging someone whilst IN a relationship before. If Aaron properly got it on with Tom they'd have to send in the smelling salts.
Maisy has been cleaning her teeth for about three hours so far. It's really not becoming of Maisy to lie about this bullshit. It's a SNOG! Just go 'yeah, I snogged him. I'm single. What of it?' End of discussion.
OMG Faye what rights do you have to Aaron?! NONE! You got out of that bed and said 'spoon Maisy.' You got what you wanted! Who the fuck is she to say shit about his son? Fuck her, man. Fucking bitch. Yeah, you don't know him, you're not his fucking girlfriend so just shut your mouth.
Why is everyone having a go at Aaron and not Maisy? Is she a member of victim club now, too?My boyfriend thinks it's because they're giving them so much booze in the house they've all gone mentals. I think they're just all mentals.

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