Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Documentary: Becoming Chaz

I was really interested in this documentary, about Chaz Bono, Cher's former daughter, now her son after a sex change. I think being born in the wrong body must be one of the most traumatic things that anyone could ever go through. Everything 'normal people' take for granted has to be earned or battled for.
OMG their cats have no hair. Cats with no hair are frightening. Why is that cat's skin all saggy. Oh god, no. That's not right. Transgender issues I can cope with, but not naked cats. I like their chihuahuas, though.
In other news, Chaz's girlfriend looks very petite and pretty, which I'm sure will be a shock to some. So they started going out when he was still Chastity. That is quite a big thing for a relationship to go thtough, I'm not sure I could hack it. But who knows until that situation arose?
Chaz doesn't look a thing like Sonny or Cher, as far as I can see. Was he adopted?
It was interesting seeing the chronological photos. It's weird enough just seeing your old hairstyles and fashion disasters, imagine seeing yourself go from one sex to the other over the years.
Chaz's grandma looks like Audrey Roberts. She has the EXACT same hair.
I'm not sure Cher is too happy with this transition. Mind you, it's hard to tell with her face. She could be thrilled, we'd never really know, would we? One thing's for certain, she's never in the same room with Chaz at any point. And she didn't pay for the surgery, his sponsor (whatever that is) did. Oh, and she's still calling him 'she'. I think that's OK for a period of time (it must be hard for parents to adjust) but after a few months it becomes a matter of respect to use the new pronoun. Why is Cher worried about the publicity? It's not like people don't know. Everyone knows!
Stop calling him SHE! God, if she can't get it right, it doesn't set a good example to pig-ignorant far-right Americans who hate anyway. I think that's really important.
I did feel sorry for Cher when she said she'd miss hearing Chastity's voice. It is like a small death for a parent and you do need to grieve, I guess. It's a death of a type of dream, I suppose. But Chaz is still there! He is still the same person inside. I don't think my mum could hack it, either. It kind of is a generational thing, too. But is that an excuse? Is a generation gap an excuse for bigoted behaviour?
I understand why Jenny his partner is upset, anyway. Five years is a long time to go out with someone and to have them become more aggressive and change personality must be hard. The gain for them is a cost for you. Also, you have to change your sexual identity if you're a lesbian and your partner becomes a man. It's a lot to ask of anyone. It's a true test of love.
At least Cher did make a bit of an effort on Letterman. I do feel for her. I mean, parents get bent out of shape about shit like not having grandkids. If their expectations are for you to be a certain way, that's their beef, but you have to understand a little bit.
I liked Cher's little analogy that if she woke up in a man's body tomorrow she'd be like 'get me out of here'. Not sure I like her gold snakeskin jacket, though. Call PETA!

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