Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Big Brother 2011 - Cuddles denied.

Is Pamela still in there? Anyone know how much she got paid? I wanna know!
Rebeckah needs some therapy. It said on OKTV she's a Samaritan. I'm not sure I'd want her talking me down off the ledge. She is mixed messages and then some.
Too many 'A' names in this house. So they've invented a gang called 'the wolfpack'. That's what Patrick Wolf fans are called. I don't think there are any Patrick Wolf fans in that house. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I can't see the Magic Position playing as they exit stage left across the Big Brother eye. Much less The Childcatcher. But I digress.
This episode has been quite juvenile and boring so far. I don't like the male/female divide in the house, either. 'Maisy gets sarcasm and dry humour' - well, hold the fucking front page! Girls understand fings!
Does Rebeckah's children's dance school 'even things out'? It doesn't even out her psychotic tenancies, does it? I can see the hysterical Daily Mail headline now; 'Big Brother stripper teaches kids to pole dance'.
Also, my mum's boyfriend read my blog again yesterday and complained about the swearing. To (sort of mis)quote Bright Eyes: 'I do not read the reviews. I am not singing for you.' This is my turf! Get off my land if you don't like it, Dave! :)
I'm glad Rebeckah got the swimsuit cos she's an interesting character and if she was up she'd be out faster that you could say girls-are-not-going-to-get-her-one-bit.
Aden was quite miffy-ied about the whole swimsuit carry-on, wasn't he. I suppose you would after you'd been wearing it for two days. I don't think I've ever seen such bad sportsmanship in that house. Normally people are 'I don't want to nominate' or 'I don't mind if I go' but people are clinging onto those swimsuits as if they were tickets to Sugar Hut (!) I think they realise that the odious quotient is super high in that house and when they are up for the chop they are all as likely to go as each other.
Sorry, I haven't written as much of this blog as I'd like because my cat decided to sit on my chest and almost smother me. I swear, he's tripled in size in the past two weeks.
What did I miss? Oh, Pamela is off. She did have a room after all. So they say. They could have knocked that up in a couple of hours.
Anton and Aaron both like BB being nasty. Remember that, Big Brother. Crack down on the pair of them.
Oh, Rebeckah. I want to defend you, but you're making it. very. difficult. She's actually quite cruel. I know what Dan Savage would say. If all your relationships have been a car crash, the one consistent factor in those relationships is YOU, not the other people. Think on, young lady.

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