Monday, 12 September 2011

Big Brother 2011 - Tonight we got to get on the floor

Why can't we see inside Pamela's suite? Because she's in a fucking hotel, that's why. And who can blame her? They're a bunch of absolute drongos. The men in particular are bringing new meaning to the word 'gorm'. And the women are all totally deluded. Except maybe Faye and Louise.
Why WOULD you shower with someone else? I don't even like showering on my own. I don't think I've even seen a single person talk to Alex yet.
Louise is really grumpy. This pseudo-feminist conversation is making my teeth itch, to quote Cruella off Dragon's Den.
I saw Pamela on OKTV talking about having appeared on Big Brother India and meeting such intelligent wordly people who'd travelled to so many different countries. Enjoy Elstree!
Tashie, Tashie, Tashie. She's like Makosi meets Shabnam meets Shabaz.
Maisy is like poor little rich girl, me, me, me. It's all about her, and she hasn't got that much to offer, except her horsey charms. She's obviously used to being top dog but in that house, she's not even top frog.
I like the way Pamela is in the house. She seems totally detached from it, like she's from a different planet, which I guess she is.
Tom's body! I mean, normally I like skinny men, but please. He's not only pigeon chested but pigeon-brained. He's like a little weasel.
There are so many different examples of ways to fry your hair with peroxide in that house. It's making me want to dye my hair red as an antidote.
I doubt Aden can even spell 'therapist'. I like Maisy's hair, actually. I don't find her as repulsive as I did the first night, except for her personality, obviously.
I think Anton is putting on that crap in the DR. He's not really like that. He CAN'T be. Can he?
Rebeckah having a go at Aaron for reminding her of her ex. That's like having a go at someone for what they do in a dream. Rebeckah is a psycho, but that makes her interesting. I don't think her opinion of men is going to be improved by the offerings in that house.
This party looks like hell on earth. Maisy is so OTT and entitled. She's worse than Harry, and he kills animals for the lols.
That Jennifer Lopez song is the stupidest thing ever. Bloody catchy, though. My cat loves it.
Rebeckah: 'your version of cheating and mine are very different.' I'm sure! She's literally judge, jury and executioner. What sort of impression does she think she's giving off? Mind you, she did miss his 'banged a lot of Welsh chicks' speech. I wonder what he'll say after he gets his own way with her?
Tom: would you want a bisexual dad? What difference does it make, you don't fuck your dad. His sex life is none of your biz. Tom doesn't 'know himself' TM.
Aaron's parenting class: 'you can't just leave a baby on the side.' My kitten got stuck in the bath yesterday, so I know how he feels.
Eww, Aden touching Rebecca's feet. If he touched my feet, I'd kick him in the face. Oh, the gold shorts, the glasses, the baseball cap. Aden is really bringing sexy back right now. Whatever happens in that bed, it can only end in disaster, misery, and possibly a murder. Bring it!

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