Monday, 3 October 2011

Big Brother 2011 - Unhappy meal

Hello! I'm back from Amsterdam in one piece and won't be going anywhere again for a while, except bed or work.
I quite enjoyed catching up on BB, there were a few funny highlights. Can't believe I missed my chance to use the title 'Heaven sent (home); I'd been sitting on that one for a while. And BOTS played 'Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now' so good on to them. I enjoyed her fall up the stairs, too.
What else? Faye: should have 'what do people think?' tattooed on her forehead. Louise and Jay: stupidly cute. Louise: 'It was so intelligent the way he phrased things with those sweets with love hearts on'. Yes, Louise, we call them Lovehearts. Also, it's not like you can be THAT creative with Lovehearts. You can't say 'howay, give us a fuck, lass' with them, can you (I'm sure he tried)? If Louise is that easily pleased with a packet of sweets, god knows how she'd react to say, a meal or a holiday.
Anton's birthday: Anton got the Dustin edit (in BBUSA Dustin was made 'king of the house' and then became evicted the same week because the power went to his head and he was insufferable and smug). Are BB trying to do the same to Anton (King Cunt-ute)? Wouldn't have to try too hard, really. Prick is as prick does, after all. I'm hoping people will remember his mean-spiritedness and egotism when they sit in the DR on nom-noms day. The trick they played on him with the single was like Rodrigo meets the Queen minus the charm. I don't think he really bought it; but it's not due to his astronomical IQ. It's due to his shit song. I heard Aden thinks Anton's raps lack finesse.
God, it would be brilliant to go out with Faye, wouldn't it, and have her listing all your faults so early in the morning. She's like some girlfriend your best male friend brings round and says how wonderful she is, whilst she sits there sulking and criticising your wallpaper/ music taste/ sexual boundaries. And believe me, your friend will end up married to that miserable sow. I've seen it happen! And even after 20 years of low level mental abuse and soul erosion, he'll still be trying to convince you (and himself!) that she's got a good sense of humour, or she makes a mean roast dinner. But you've been for her roast dinner. And the chicken was all shrivelled. And she's still criticising him and everything he stands for, as they clear up after their surly, sour-faced kids who look and act and treat him just like her.
So Aaron was married before! I never knew that. I like Aaron. I like his pincers and his faux naivety. I like his tolerance of Faye pick-pick-picking at him. He's emotionally manipulative, but he does it in such a way, you can't really call him out on it or he'll just go 'my son is watching!' and run off for a cry.
This hotdog stuff is quite boring, I wish I'd been writing my blog yesterday instead! I had loads of material, honest.
Aaron virtually telling Harry to nominate Tom and Anton was unsubtle. Oh, Maisy, you liar, you made the move on Aaron. Behave, as your dad saw fit to aeroplane over (allegedly).
I'm not surprised at ALL that Faye likes to be dominated in the bedroom, I bet she just lies there, criticising and complaining. I don't think there's ever been a housemate in Big Brother history who promised so much and delivered so little.
Why is Faye cuddling Anton? A bit of context might be nice. LOL to Jay getting into trouble for racism. He's not having a great day, is he? I'm still waiting for Maisy to have her 'yo, my niggas' moment. Give it time.
This coded conversation is brilliant. Aaron's horror! This film 'White Chicks' sounds like a must-not see. Yet that sort of racism gets made into films! And idiots watch it. Just like Big Brother.
Faye is talking to herself now! What is going on? What is up with Aaron? Is he upset about all the racists in the house? Oh come on, Aaron, it's hardly Romper Stomper, isn't it? Oh, it's the disabled comments he's upset about. No it isn't! It's Faye cuddling Anton, isn't it? Probably doesn't help that he's black, either.
Bad edit, tonight, BB. Should have had less hamburger eating and a bit more context of that row, as I couldn't make head nor tail of it. And remember in the final, a vote for Jay is a vote for WHITE POWER! You racist.

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